Awesome Fanfic Monday: Fast and Furious and Boondock Saints

You know how I cannot resist a fun crossover piece of fanfiction? Well today’s Awesome Fanfic Monday is no exception.

This edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday features a piece that combines the worlds of my favorite outlaws: The Fast and Furious family and the good ol’ Boondock Saints.

Romeo and I have the same feels on this.
Romeo and I have the same feels on this.

This week’s fanfiction is Furious Saints by SpiderFlash of The premise of this crossover is that the Furious family has been recruited by… wait for it… Paul Smecker to break the Boondock Saints out of jail. It turns out our favorite flamboyant ball busting FBI Agent is in fact not dead and is still looking after the boys. Dom recruits the Furious Avengers (it’s how the Space Pirate Queen and I like to refer to the whole Furious family) to do the job.

What I like about this story is that it includes Sean and Twinkie in on the shenanigans, so we get to see these characters that were only featured in Tokyo Drift. My one complaint about this story? Han and Gisele are not featured because, alas, it takes place after Furious 6. I would not have minded Han brought back from the dead along with Smecker, but then again I want Han to be in every fictional story ever, so there you go. SpiderFlash’s story is dialogue driven which I like because you get a lot of the fun interaction between all of the various characters. Also, major points because Roman does indeed make an ass out of himself and it wouldn’t be a true Furious tale if Roman didn’t do that!

‘Furious Saints’ is a fun tale that combines these two fictional worlds. I just wish SpiderFish would continue the story because I want to know more!

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