Time for a new Adventure with We Love Fine!


We Love Fine unveiled it’s new Adventure Time Collection today by telling the story of how Princess Bubblegum invites the royalty of OO to her birthday party. Alas! Peppermint Butler has made off with the birthday pie!


Springing to life from the quirky fashion geek-torial, are the stars of this new collection, the fun and fantastic sweaters and knits.


Being giant fans of ‘Adventure Time’ we were more than honored to be asked to represent Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. We’re excited to bring you some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the entire shoot:

We (Michelle and I) have been trying desperately to keep mum about this new collection until today.



Both Michelle and I teased a lot of what we were doing, like me making a 2D looking Axe Bass and Ice Queen crown just days before the shoot.

008 007 009

Because We Love Fine prides itself on being made by fans for fans, the love and care spent on designing each item shows in it’s details. Moreover, each item’s ability to blend into day-to-day fashion is amazing.

WAT848MUBA_Marceline_Sweater_Dress_FRONT WAT848MUBA_Marceline_Sweater_Dress_BACK WAT847MQCA_Ice-Ice-Hacci-Sweater_FRONT WAT847MQCA_Ice-Ice-Hacci-Sweater_BACK WAT844MPZA_Princess-Bubblegum-Cardigan_FRONT WAT844MPZA_Princess-Bubblegum-Cardigan_CLOSEUP MAT849MAR1_Peppermint-Butler-Cardigan_FRONT MAT849MAR1_Peppermint-Butler-Cardigan_BACK WAT851MNSC_Princess-Drip-Leggings_FRONT WAT851MNSC_Princess-Drip-Leggings_BACK AdventureTime-WeLoveFine_AdventureTimeChiffonTop2

We all had an amazing time shooting with Greg and all of wonderful staff from WeLoveFine. There’s no short supply of fun, dedication, and hardwork.
Katie’s new designs also continue to show us that WLF’s direction continues to evlove and grow with geeks and and gives us the ability to stay geeks inside and out.

001 011 012 010 006 005 003 002


You can preorder your items from this collection now:

Apparel Designed by Catherine Elhoffer at WeLoveFine
Photography by Greg DeStefano (http://www.gregdestefano.com/ )
Set Dressing by Liz Khader

Peppermint Butler: Leo Camacho (@MrLeoZombie )
Ice Queen: Stephanie Michelle (@zilla308 )
Marceline: Yume Lee (@yumeninja )
Princess BubbleGum: Michelle “I Am Chubby Bunny” (@iamchubbybunny )

Princess Bubblegum Crown provided by: SpaceInvader

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