Love Live premiere in Los Angeles: Cry all your sparkly, weeaboo tears

If you are into anime at all, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Love Live, the insanely popular series that tells the story of a group of girls that saves their school by becoming an idol group, and gaining popularity by singing and dancing their way into people’s hearts, creating more new students for the small, failing school.

With two seasons under their belt, the 9 girls of LoveLive finish their story arc with their feature film, LoveLive! The School Idol Movie, debuting all of the world this past weekend. (Don’t worry, they are planning a new season, but it will feature different girls at a different school striving to be idols!)


NIS America distributed the LoveLive! movie across the US, including several sold out weekend showings at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles, CA. Luckily, we (YumeNinja and Myself, ChubbyBunny Michelle) were able to score some tickets and join our weeaboo brethren to the path of our trash life, haha.

Check out our photos of fans from the Sunday showing, and then, my very, very fangirl version of a review. Spoilers below!

Of course, Yume and I had to be giant nerds and dress up in cosplay…!

We both went in their cheerleader outfits, Yume as Rin, and myself as Kotori!

ll6 ll2 llll

The line was impressive! The Sunday afternoon showing was sold out, so fans lined up to make sure they could get good seats. This little theater is adorable, but I always bemoan their lack of assigned seating to avoid this waiting-in-the-sun mayhem.


But we are otaku. We would walk across coals for our waifus. Check out these awesome fans showing their Love Live spirit!






The many showings of Love Live!



Posters of all of our waifus!




When we entered, everyone was handed a a small illustration board and code for their phone app game at random, which featured each of the μ’s girls. Fans were immediately holding them in the air and begging to trade them for the ones they wanted. It was magical. Here are all of the boards:


Our review:

The movie was adorable. I cried like the little weeaboo trash person that I am. The movie picks up right after the end of Season 2 of LoveLive!, with the girls receiving shocking information that interrupts a tearful goodbye at the graduation ceremony. The organization that puts on the Love Live competition announces they are doing a third one at Akiba Dome, and to promote, they want μ’s (pronounced “muse”), as the reigning champions, to promote it by flying to New York to perform a live show. The girls adorably make their first overseas trip, Honoka inevitably causes a group of them to get lost, Umi decides she is afraid of all things foreign, Rin inexplicably gets her own song and reenacts Singing in the Rain dance moves, and they tour New York, searching for a place to do their show.

I was definitely laughing at the dialogue they had for random Americans speaking to the μ’s girls in English at random times in the movie, mainly because, these are things YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY TO AN ASIAN PERSON YOU RANDOMLY MEET IN THE STREET. And I quote, “Hey! Are you girls Japanese?” is yelled across at them from a group of girls who see them in the park. Later, a woman jogging past them yells, “Konnichiwa!” Of course, this was all happening in the super safe world of LoveLive’s fictitious version of America, so it’s fine, but if ONE MORE PERSON yells that stuff to me on the street (it has happened to me maybe a hundred times in my life, no exaggeration), I will explode. Please do not do this in real life, people. It is kinda racist to assume people’s race, and to yell at them or ask them about it, especially if they are strangers. AAAAANYWAY!

The girls have their concert and feature Times Square, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge among other famous places in their concert video, and upon returning to Japan, discover that they are now famous due to the concert going viral, with fans lining up at the airport to get their autograph. The group is soon called upon to have (another??) concert in Tokyo to promote the upcoming Akiba Dome LoveLive competition, but the girls are unsure if they should, since they already promised that they would end their group after the three seniors graduated. After about 30 minutes of the movie hemming and hawwing and finding themselves, they decide to do one last concert, and enlist the help of A-RISE to create a collaboration song and dance performance that they will hold in the streets of Akihabara. Leading up to the event, they finally announce to the public that μ’s will be disbanding, and in doing so, somehow inspire more school idol groups to join in their joint concert with A-RISE.

They make a memorable, and adorable performance in Akihabara with over 200 girls (and no production crew in sight! How did they get all those permits to close the street and decorate the entire city? AND RELEASE BALLOONS? IT’S SO ILLEGAL!). The sheer amount of dead pan faced CG is a little disturbing at this point, since as you know, when they start dancing and singing, they switch from classic animation to awkward CG versions of girls. At 200 dear-in-headlights faces, it’s a liiiiiiitle strange!

The movie ends with one last performance by μ’s, as the girls sing THE MOST ADORABLE AND TEAR-INDUCING song you will ever hear. They name drop every member of μ’s into the lyrics, and it is just about the most goddamn precious thing you will ever hear. Here’s a (clearly recorded off a TV) version of it here:

Overall, the movie was really adorable, showed a lot more sides to all of the characters, and was paced leisurely enough to make viewers feel like they were having a slow goodbye to the characters (UGH, I started crying while writing this).


We all can’t wait for the new season of Love Live! Their first single has already been previewed online, and it sure is cute, you guys. Hold onto your hearts! It’s gonna get even more otaku-y in here!



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