Guns A’Blazin’ @ The Comic Bug


Created by the most charming men in comic books, Mike Wellman (writer) and Rafael Navarro (artist), Guns A’Blazin’ kicks off it’s book tour at The Comic Bug on September, 2015. Manhattan Beach’s number one comic book store was party central with live music, tons of comic books, nachos, drinks and of course, the geeks (and those associated with the self-proclaimed geeks).

Next stop: The Golden Apple in Los Angeles THIS Wednesday on September  16, 2015. Check out the event page for more information.


More photos after the jump!

I stopped by to support the boys, especially since they have always been very supportive of Defective Geeks.

Guns A’Blazin’ are beautiful books with a fun story about two cowboys who… time travel. There. Do we have your attention? I mean, check out the amazing artwork.


Now check out the rest of our photos from the event. Warning: Rafael is VERY dapper!



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