Awesome Fanfic Monday: Law and Order: SVU and Batman

Ya’ll know I love crossovers. As someone who daydreams about all these fun fictional worlds it’s such a pleasure to see them intertwined so well. Today I present to you a crossover that was just waiting to happen. Ever wonder how everyone’s favorite hothead Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU would react to meeting Batman? Well, look no further because I have it right here!


This week’s story is A Tale of Two Gothams by Alexander Dregon of It never before occurred to me that Elliot Stabler and Batman needed to meet until I read this story. I am a huge Law and Order: SVU fan and I freaking love Stabler. He is such a hothead and uncompromising, even when that behavior becomes self destructive. And who else is uncompromising and by God will get the job done? The God Damn Batman, that’s who.

One of the reasons why I really enjoyed this story is because not only does it include Batman and Gotham, but it also includes Metropolis and all of its residents. A good chunk of the DC universe exists in this story and Dregon does a good job of incorporating it plausibly. The dialogue and actions between the characters are also plausible, so you can read this and never think, “Pffffft, Munch would never say that.”

Also I love how Dregon has Munch totally fanboying over Batman because he so would. If you watch Law and Order: SVU as avidly and I do then you know the dynamics between those characters well and Dregon did a great job of including that in A Tale of Two Gothams. He also includes McCoy in on the action! It’s a dream come true for me to see these fictional worlds intertwined. Thank you for fulfilling my fangirl dreams, Alexander Dregon. Thank you.

Make sure to check out A Tale of Two Gothams.

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