Awesome Fanfic Monday: Obi-Wan and Loki Drinking Buds

Since the new glorious trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out next week I have been on a galactic high. After the thousandth time watching the trailer I watched the wonderful video of Patton Oswalt’s Avengers and Star Wars crossover. It inspired me to look at crossover fanfiction between these two fictional universes. My search led me to a pretty sweet one on one between Obi Wan and Loki.


This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday is Drinking Buddies by fringeperson of 

In this crossover Obi-Wan was sucked to our planet through a worm hole that soon collapsed afterwards. He is stuck here and is part of the Avengers Initiative. Loki is going through rehabilitation and is also, in his own way, with the good guys. He and Obi are grabbing a drink together and sharing stories.

What I really liked about this story is that Obi-Wan and Loki see each other as equals. The way the author writes their dialogue is fun and true to their characters. I am also delighted by the idea of these two characters being friends. They have a witty dynamic while also having an interesting understanding of each other. They also commiserate over the fact that Director Fury and Mace Windu are strangely alike… as is Jane Foster and Padme. Tee hee.

Of course, even in his “good guy” state, Loki is still trying to get at his brother by setting up Jane with Obi-Wan. I couldn’t help but giggle over that.

The author, fringerperson, does a great job of making these two characters interact in a plausible and fun way while staying true to who they are. It was a real delight reading this story and imagining what it would be like if these two worlds coincided.

To fulfill your geeky desires check out Drinking Buddies by fringerperson of!

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