SUPPORT THIS: Star Wars the Musical!

You know what’s awesome? Star Wars. You know what else is awesome? Disney movies from our childhood. Now, what if I told you that there are some pretty awesome people out there who have combined these two into entities to create a very entertaining spoof called… wait for it… Star Wars the Musical.

Yes, it does exist! A couple of years ago the Space Pirate Queen and I met George Shaw, a very talented composer who has made this childhood dream mashup come to life.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Shaw a couple of years ago to promote the first episode of Star Wars the Musical and now padawans he needs our help to fund the sequel The Empire’s New Groove. 

Here is the first episode of Star Wars the Musical:

You know that feeling you are experience right now? It’s called “the chills” because that was AWESOME.

It was such so much fun talking with Shaw the last time we got him on our podcast. He has a passion and enthusiasm for film scores that is downright infectious. Shaw, along with writing Star Wars the Musical, has also composed music for Will Wheaton’s Table Top, co-written a song with Stan Lee, and composed for The Geekie Awards. In other words, he’s pretty damn legit.

Click here to go to the campaign page for The Empire’s New Groove. There you will see a video of Shaw along with director Jeffrey Gee Chin talking about all the cool things to expect from the sequel. The campaign ends November 18th, so you better get on it!

If you love Star Wars and Disney as much as I do then you definitely need to check this out. Now, go go go!

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