Awesome Fanfic Monday: Adorable Ghostly Snape

Welcome to Awesome Fanfic Monday!

Like many my heart broke when I heard the news of Alan Rickman’s passing. I thought of all the wonderful characters he played and how they had affected me growing up. Naturally one of the main ones that came to mind was Professor Snape. What a wonderful and complex character he was and what a perfect actor to portray him. I thought for this week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday I would dedicate it to everyone’s favorite misunderstood professor from Hogwarts.

This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday goes to “The Wendell That Wasn’t” by opalish of¬†

In this story the ghost of Severus Snape is forever tied to Harry Potter. The author, opalish, does a great job of capturing the dynamic and report between these two characters and gives us Snape fans a wonderful vision of what the ghost of Snape would behave like if he were forever stuck around Potter. Snape is as witty, despondent, and as frustrated as you would dream him to be. It warms my little Snape loving heart.

In this fanfic Harry and Ginny are together and trying to think of a name for their first child. Snape has many opinions on this and at one point you can see that Harry and Ginny are intentionally trolling Snape just to get a rise out of him. It’s a very sweet and funny story and especially now can put a smile on any Harry Potter fan’s face. The story is very well written and can easily fit into the this fictional world.

Do you have any favorite Snape fanfics? Let us know below!

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