Interview: Award Winner Director, D.W. Waterson on That’s My DJ


D.W. Waterson is not only one of Toronto’s most in-demand DJ, she is also a powerhouse of creativity. She is the creator and director of award winning web series, That’s My DJ, a fast-paced slice of life show that takes a look inside the new order of rave. The series won for Best Editing at the 2016 11th Annual Independent Television and Film Festival and Waterson won Best Director at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) 2016 Independent Pilot Competition.

Read our interview with her below!

First of all, congratulations on your win at the NYTVF and ITV Fest! Tell us about about your web series, That’s My DJ, and how the show came together.

Thank you so much! That’s My DJ is a series more or less based off my life and experiences being a DJ in Toronto. Each season follows a different character in the social circle of raves, promoters & night life. Started writing the show about three to four years ago and shot Season One. After a great response from the first season I jumped back into the creating chair and started hustling on Seasons Two and Three.

thatsmydjThe episodes has a very interesting beat with fast cuts and quick dialogue, you have to pay very close attention to keep up! What was the inspiration for this kind of editing style?

My inspiration is truly my attention span [laughs]. I find these days we’re bombarded with so much content that we can consume and understand a story a lot faster than we used to. For me the challenge is always how do I get the audience to feel what the character is feeling.

There are a lot of slice-of-life scenes that make up the show with very realistic dialogue. Are a lot of the writing inspired from your own experience?

100% yes, all of these conversations I’ve had with friends, people in the industry, ex lovers and DJs.

Do you write with the music in mind? How do you pick the soundtrack for each episode?

Story and script always come first but music is such a large part of the show it is important I find tracks that speak to the lead characters and their emotional state. I am very fortunate to be in the electronic music industry where I know so many talented producers and artists, it definitely makes finding tracks a lot easier.

What is your favorite part during the creative process and production of the series? Also, what is your favorite part about the characters of the show?

For me the best part of the creative process is working with my actors, flushing out the characters and ultimately bringing the story to life. My favourite part about the characters in my show is that they are real, their conversations are raw and they feel/party hard.

Do you have any other projects that you are currently working?

I am currently in post production with Season Three of That’s My DJ as well developing another show and working on my first feature.

Last but not least, if you could pick a super power, what would you be? And would you use it for good or evil?

Ooh such a good question! I would definitely choose something to do with energy, whether it be healing, levitation or shifting but 100% for good.

Watch That’s My DJ online at and follow D.J. Waterson on Twitter at @heydw_x.

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