Interview: Tod Fennell on The Art of More, Video Games and Superpowers

Tod Fennell has been acting since childhood and has starred in fan favorites, including Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? Currently, he can be seen as Cliff Kerbis in The Art of More, produced by Dennis Quaid and starring alongside Kate Bosworth. He is also doing really amazing work in video games as a motion-capture actor for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Tod talks to us about his work and whether he’d be a hero or a villain with superpowers…

What is The Art of More about? Can you tell us about your character in the series?

It’s a thrilling, fast paced drama about the shady underworld of New York city auction houses. The characters go to extreme lengths to maximize profits and seal multi million dollar deals. Without giving too much away, my character is the CEO of an online bidding platform, he’s cocky and laid back, a little too much so.

What do you hope to explore in the show as Cliff Kerbis?

I hope to explore a lighter character with more comedic traits, I tend to gravitate towards more serious characters like homocide detectives and Special forces military personnel.

Did you learn anything interesting about real life auction houses and the Fine Arts world through the show?

Yes! Mainly the actual dollar amounts of money in circulation. Art goes to the highest bidder, and there’s sometimes no way to tell what something will sell for. There’s a lot of background hype the goes into creating a compelling story around an item about to go up for auction to bring it’s price up as high as possible.

What is it like working with actors like Dennis Quaid and Kate Bosworth?

My scenes were with Kate Bosworth and she’s amazing! She was just as kind to everyone on set as she was focused. She really brings it on set and it makes you up your game. It’s very inspiring!

Growing up, who inspired you to pursue acting? What is your dream project or what in today’s genre/media do you find most interesting?

Growing up, I was inspired by films like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. Films that combined science fiction with comedy. I like actors that can pull off comedic moments in serious situations. Right now, my dream would be to play a role that makes people laugh in a show with a darker tone like “West World” or “Game of Thrones”. I’m also a huge action fan, so any project with fight scenes is very appealing to me.

Tell us what it’s like working as a motion-capture actor for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Freaking awesome! I got to play Division agents in the field, a clumsy lab tech and a ruthless escaped convict from Riker Island all in the same game! Working with actual police officers and special forces guys, you learn a heck of a lot about fighting techniques and the proper handling of all sorts of different kinds of weapons like MP5s and M16s. It’s an adrenaline rush and it’s addictive!

Do you like working in the video game industry? Do you play any video games?

I love it. My favorite types of games are MMO RPGs like the Diablo server or League of Legends, and First Person Shooters like Halo or Call of Duty. It really depends on my mood and if I’m in the mood for something fast paced or not. A buddy of mine just got the HTC Vive, and it blew my mind. I’m over at his place whenever I get a chance to try out new games. I think VR is going to change everything.

If you could have super powers, what would it be and would you be a hero or a villain?

I’d probably be one of those villains turned good, or a darker hero like Batman. Learn the power of the dark side, then use it for good and throw emperor Palatine off the bridge.

If I had one power, it would be the ability to use 100% of my brain at full capacity at all times. I’m fascinated by neuroscience and the concept of neuroplasticity, I think as humans, we still have so much untapped potential inside our own minds.

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