Jughead Eats a Burger

Netflix dropped a little teaser for Riverdale to, uh, celebrate it’s release on May 18 on the US Netflix.

Pray for me and my unholy thoughts.

Look. I screamed during the season finale— not because shit was going down— but because Hot Dog (Jughead’s dog in the comic books) made a cameo. That tells you how much of an Archie nerd I am.

Spoiler alert for Season 1 below!

When I started reading Archie comics as a little girl, I was all about Betty because I wanted to be good and well-liked by everyone just like her. As I got older, I found myself relating to Veronica way more. What can I say? I’m all about sexy, confident girls who DGAF.

Then I got a little older and realized, I wasn’t about this whole love triangle thing. I realized, Jughead had the right idea. Forget love. True love is with food. Team Jughead all the way!

Recent versions of the comic books has modernized and made these characters a lot more well-rounded. I am back on board with Betty and Veronica because I love their complicated friendship. Despite their competition over Archiekins, they have an unspoken loyalty to each other. Betty had become less of a people-pleaser and more of a tough girl. Veronica had become less of a selfish snob, but more of a girl who knew the power she yields and mostly used it for good, to help her friends.

Most fans were poo-poo’ing the show before it came out. I listened to them talk about it inside the press room during San Diego Comic-Con last year and were very much unsure of this version of the Archie universe. I get their doubts though because the show was a completely different flavor from the Archie and the Gang we’re so used to.


As for me, I was so in the minute I watched the pilot episode at SDCC. I. Freaking. Loved. It.

The show has a Gossip Girl mixed with Twin Peaks flavor to it, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. For me, I saw the characters finally come to life on screen (they had been teasing an Archie movie for years). Riverdale keeps the spirit of each character and takes it up a notch. Archie being kind of dumb, privileged and naive… but he somehow gets all the ladies. Betty, the girl next door, fixing cars but dealing with her family’s Stepford Wives insanity. Veronica, the sophisticated, rich girl who wanted to change her ways while coping that her dad, Mr. Lodge, is a criminal and in jail.

The biggest diversion is probably with Jughead. Although he is still aloof and slightly (okay, a LOT) bitter, he ends up in a romantic relationship with Betty. I found this strange at first since I was so used to a Jughead who wasn’t interested in any type of romantic activities.

I am still rooting for him to find his way through his teenage hormones and realize he is in fact, asexual (which is canon!). Still, his relationship with Betty grew on me. Jughead is not one-dimensional. He is allowed to be human, discover what he truly wants and grow. Out of all the Riverdale characters, he is the most troubled. His father, an alcoholic and a gang member, went to jail for Jason Blossom’s murder and even though it was revealed that he wasn’t the culprit, he remains in jail for aiding in the murder. Jughead had no home. His own mom didn’t even want him.

The angst is real.

Yet, Jughead said and did things throughout this first season that was very Jughead to me.

PS. I want that hat.

Plus… Jughead is now… sexy?! I mean, scroll up and watch him eat that burger again. There is no denying my dirty-old-lady feelings. Which is no joke because I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that I was watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel. WTF. I was there to support Brenda Song, you guys.

They grow up so goddamn fast.

I can not wait for season 2, and hopefully we’ll get a full season. For now, I will binge watch the show over and over again on Netflix.

Hopefully, there will be more Reggie Mantle in the show because he is kind of my secret bae… plus when him and Betty hook up in the comic books, it’s like, my life felt complete. Don’t judge me.


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