INTERVIEW: Jaz Saini & Harjit Bhandal of YouTwoTV Takes Home “Fan Fave Much Creator” Award

Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal are the two content creators behind the popular channel YouTwoTV on YouTube. The award-winning duo share an amazing creative energy together and we chat about how they met and how they got their start. Jaz and Harjit have an amazing chemistry with each other which is why their hilarious videos are so successful— they are not only talented but also relatable and lovable by their fans worldwide. Check them out!

Hi guys, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions! Can you tell our readers about your YouTube channel, YouTwoTV?

JAZ:  Thank you for having us! YouTwoTV is a YouTube channel we created in February 2016 and we’ve been creating weekly comedy skits on it since! We like to say that we make reality funny on our channel. We take relatable situations and make them into short 3-4 minute skits.

HARJIT:  Some of our most popular videos include Back To School: Types of Students and Types of Girlfriends Guys Hate. Some of our personal favorites are If You Boyfriend Was A Superhero and If Your Girlfriend Was a Cell Phone!

Congratulations on taking home the “Fan Fave Much Creator” at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs! How does it feel to be recognize for your work online?

HARJIT: Thank you so much! This was definitely one of the biggest moments in our career to date! We both grew up watching the MMVA’s so it was a dream come true to get up on that stage and accept that award!

JAZ: It feels amazing to be recognized for our work! We’ve worked so hard this past year and our friends are always asking us where we’ve been and why we haven’t been hanging out. It’s cool to show them the award and being like “that’s where we’ve been, working for this”

What inspired both of you to start your channel and create your own content? Where do you get most of your ideas from?

JAZ: We have always been in love with creating content and we love making content together. Harjit and I were both working behind the scenes, I was doing Social Media Marketing while Harjit ran his own Videography company. We both knew we were meant to be in front of the camera, so why not do it together?

HARJIT: Most of our ideas are based on things that have happened to us or that we find relatable. We like to say that we make real life funny. We’ll think about something that most couples argue about and make a video around that or we’ll take a tiny small situation that happened to us and make a skit out of it!


How did you two meet and when did you realize you had the same sense of humor?

JAZ: So we actually met at a video shoot that Harjit was filming and I was helping out on.

HARJIT: But we didn’t really start being friends until March 2015 on a trip to India we were both on. We kind of just hit it off, became good friends and eventually started dating!

JAZ: I think we realized we had the same sense of humor when I would talk about an idea I had and Harjit would add in his thoughts and then I would add in mine and eventually a small idea I had turned into a collaboration.

HARJIT: It would happen all the time, we don’t only have the same sense of humor but the same thought process. We pretty much agree on everything.

What has been the most rewarding part for both of you when it comes to sharing your videos with people online?

HARJIT: The amazing responses we get from our videos is the most rewarding. It’s so great knowing that people come to us for comfort and we’re able to put a smile on our viewers faces, even if it is only for 3-4 minutes a week.

JAZ: We get so many messages saying “your videos make my day” or “I was having a bad day and then I came here and it all turned around”. Those messages are my favorite, it feels like we’re making a tiny little difference in the world.

Did it get easier for you both to create your videos as your channel got more popular, or do you find yourself pushing the envelope more and more for your audience? What is the hardest part about keeping up with an online presence and what advice would you give to new creators?

HARJIT: Every video is a challenge for us, we know what works for us but we want to create new and different things at the same time. It definitely didn’t get easier but we enjoy the creative test every week!

JAZ: The hardest part about keeping up with an online presence is remembering there is more online than YouTube, we’re only now starting to show Instagram and Twitter the love they deserve! For new creators the best advice we could give you is be consistent! Content is so easily forgotten so best way to keep that presence is to keep posting!

What’s in store for the future of YouTwoTV?

HARJIT: To take over the world!

JAZ: And to move to LA and create a show around YouTwoTV!

Lastly, if you can pick one super power what would it be and why? Would you become a hero or a villain?

JAZ: ​THE ABILITY TO STOP TIME!! I would get so much more work done if I could stop time, there are not enough hours in the day! I would definitely become a hero!

HARJIT: ​I would pick mind control, because I think it would be good for business… and to save the world and stuff, haha. I would obviously be a hero! Everyone loves the hero!

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