INTERVIEW: Ronnie Rowe Jr. Star of ‘Black Cop’ Talks Art Challenging Views

The highly-anticipated feature film, Black Cop, made its world premiere this year at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be making its festival rounds this fall as well. Ronnie Rowe Jr. stars in the film as a rogue police officer who becomes sick and tired of the systematic abuse of black people. The film hopes to bring thoughtful conversation to its audience through satire.

Thank you for chatting with us about your upcoming new film! Please tell our readers about Black Cop.

Black Cop is a satire psychological drama about an officer that is struggling between his duty as a cop and being a black man. Things take an interesting turn, when he is profiled off duty by another officer.

What motivated you to be a part of this project? What were the most memorable moments for you while filming this project?

What motivated me was the script and the opportunity to work with Cory (Bowles) again. What was most memorable was everyone’s commitment and love for the project from cast to crew, everyone gave it 100%, it was a great energy to be around.

The movie’s political theme applies to so many parts of the world these days. What message do you hope people will take away from this movie?

I feel the movie delivers a different perspective that some may have not considered, and with that can start a conversation, highlighting that wrong is wrong.

Do you think the movie will be seen as controversial?

To some most definitely, but I believe good art challenges our current views.

What do you hope to accomplish and inspire as an actor? What advice would you give people who hope to succeed in the industry?

I just want to keep creating hard hitting real characters and continue to work consistently, I really feel the sky is the limit for all that believe.

The advice I would give to other people would be to, enjoy the process, stay as positive as you can and find lessons and growth in every situation you encounter.

Do you have any other projects that people can check out now?

There are a few projects on the go but I cannot mention at the moment. But keep an eye out, updates will be posted on social media!

For the most important question: if you could have super powers, what would it be and would you be a hero or a villain?

I feel we all have super powers, and that is the power of creation, it requires some action but almost never fails. I would like to think I would be a hero, but even the villain thinks they are doing good.

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