I Love Rose Tico

Today, I wandered into Barnes & Noble in an attempt to procrastinate from real life. After perusing my usual aisles (aka manga and Young Adult books), I happen to wander into the toy section where I immediately came across a Rose Tico Funko Pop. Insert my immediate excitement, especially after I just read Buzzfeed’s feature on her this morning. Although I didn’t impulsively buy her at that very moment, I am here to share my rising happiness that she exists. An Asian woman who has a lead role in a Star Wars movie? It almost feels like a personal achievement.

I’m a card carrying member of the “bitter old lady who has seen enough shit in the world” club and usually, I am somewhat indifferent until I see a movie and decide that I like it. Especially with the over-saturation of comic book movies these days, I don’t trust the promises of white Hollywood.

Still… I truly can not help but be excited for Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, which is fast coming up this December 15.

I want to know who she is. I want to see what she does. I already want to be her.

I want to see her run around with Finn and get into awesome shenanigans. I hope she gets good one liners. I hope she’s super smart and sassy. I hope she gets screen time with General Organa. Most of all, I hope her action defines her character on screen, and not her race. We deserve a kick ass Asian woman who is just human, just like how Rogue One portrayed Chirrut and Blaze in Rogue One.

I am excited for all the little Asian girls around the world who are going to find their own personal hero in her. I am excited that they will feel included because they are finally a part of this big, fun world.

I will always say this: Representation matters. Thank you, Disney. Thank you, Star Wars. Thank you for giving this new generation so much hope.

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