INTERVIEW: Elena V. Wolfe Talks About Nickelodeon’s ‘Star Falls’ and Writing A Novel

Elena V. Wolfe stars in Star Falls on Nickelodeon as Beth Miller, a single mom and a veterinarian in a small town who falls in love with a Hollywood superstar. When Elena isn’t busy working on set, she is also writing a mythology based novels and you can also see her on SyFy’s Defiance and FX’s The Bridge. Get to know her more in our interview below!

Hello, Elena! Please tell us about your upcoming show on Nickelodeon, Star Falls, and your character, Beth Miller.

Hello! Alright, so the show centers around a teenage girl, Sophia, and her mother Beth who live in a quiet town of Star Falls. Things pick up quite a bit when a Hollywood superstar moves in to town with his three kids, who, with Sophia’s encouragement, begin a “Parent Trap” scheme to make their parents fall in love. I play Sophia’s mom Beth. She is shy an introverted, and understanding… to a point. The great thing about Beth and her relationship with her daughter is that her secretly quirky self comes out with Sophia by her side, and that becomes more prominent as the season progresses.

What has been your favorite part about being in the show so far? Has it been a lot of fun getting to work with the cast and the younger actors?

My favorite part about being on the show is the fact that I love sharing my time with amazing people. The crew and cast, of course, made coming to work a pleasure every single day— even if it meant a 4am call-time. I love the endless chats in my hair and makeup chair! Working with younger actors is so cool. They approach acting with such purity… I don’t know how else to explain it. They’re not afraid of being judged, and are always asking for ways to better their performance. I can honestly say I have never seen such a hard-working, loving, and unique group of kids.

Has there been any behind the camera shenanigans or funny stories that you can share with us while filming Star Falls?

Tons!!! Let’s see… Well I most definitely will never forget a scene I did with Siena at the animal clinic. I was working with a week-old potbelly piglet who got so excited on “action” that he peed all over the place! Needless to say there was plenty of cleanup involved.

You are also writing a book! Can you tell us about ‘COZ and the Invisible City’? When can we expect to see your novel hit the shelves?

I’ve always been fascinated by the mythology behind some of Earth’s brightest constellations! It took a while, but I finally decided to write a book about those myths. Specifically, the story revolves around twelve ethereal children who have descended from the constellations on a quest to save mankind. It’s a story that I hope will appeal to younger audiences, and the plan is to get it out by Season 2 of Star Falls (fingers crossed for season 2!).

What inspired you to pursue such a creative career in acting and writing? What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?

I think the love for the arts was just always there! My mother is a very creative woman, and growing up, she always encouraged me to create, sing and dance. It took a while to convince myself that I could make a career out of being artistic, though. I think apart from being on Star Falls, my most rewarding experience has been finding the conviction to stick to what I love.

Do you have any dream projects that you want to develop and produce one day? Or maybe a dream role you want to play?

My dream is to turn “COZ” into a series of feature films with the visionary master Tim Burton.

Thank you so much for answering our questions! One last one: if you could have a superpower, what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?

My pleasure! It’s a toss up… I’d love to fly, invisibility is a very close second. Say we go with invisibility… Duh, I’d use it for good… And also maybe to eavesdrop on very interesting people sometimes or roam the jungle for a few days?

Check out Elena on Instagram at @e.v.wolfe.

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