INTERVIEW: Simone Miller Stars In Detention Adventure Talks Making Sacrifices

Only thirteen-years-old and already making a name for herself, actor and singer, Simone Miller stars in a new original web series called Detention Adventure. Check out this incredibly fun series on CBC Gem and get to know Simone below!

Hi Simone! Detention Adventure looks like such a fun show! Please tell us about it and about your character, Raign Westbrook.

Hello! Thank you so much for this opportunity Defective Geeks! Detention Adventure is a CBC Gem original web series, about three nerds who purposefully get themselves thrown into detention. In detention they meet Brett, the school bully, and together the group looks for hidden clues to try and find Alexander Graham Bells’ hidden lab that is said to be hidden under the school. 

What is your favorite thing about Raign? What about her really appealed to you when you first started getting to your character for the show? Do you wish you had adventures like hers when you are at school?

My favorite thing about Raign is her determination and drive. Throughout all of the adventures she faces, she never gives up and is always certain of her goal! The fact that Raign and I are so different from each other really appealed to me. I am happy with my school life, I don’t think I would want to jeopardize anything by being in detention all the time.

What has been the best part about Detention Adventure? Do you and your co-stars have any funny moments on set?

Working with the cast and crew has honestly been the best part. It is a very young, fun crew. There were always funny moments. I mean we all worked very hard, but the atmosphere was always kept pretty laid back. I remember we had one scene where Brett (Tomaso Sanelli) had to close a door behind him where Joy (Alina Prijono) and Raign were to stay hidden and lean up against the door, but Tomaso didn’t close the door fully and Alina and I fell backwards onto the floor, we looked up and we saw Bruno (Benjamin Ayres) who made us all laugh in shock of what had happened. 

When did you know you wanted to pursue acting– what was it like going on this journey in the industry? Who or what inspires you?

I’ve always wanted to pursue acting. I think it became apparent to myself and my family when I would act out my favorite Disney movie scenes and everyone would actually listen and watch me, was when we decided I should begin my journey. I was 9 years old. It has truly been a great journey. It’s tough to make plans in this industry though as you must always be available for auditions because the goal is to obviously try and book jobs! My mom has stood by me throughout the past four years though and I don’t know what I would do without her! She is definitely my biggest inspiration.

What kind of projects or roles do you hope to take on in the future?

I hope to take on a singing role in the future so I can share both of my favorite arts. An action film where I would have to do a bunch of stunts would be pretty cool also! 

Do you have a favorite television show or movies currently that you are watching? What kind of shows do you personally like to watch?

I am currently binge watching Friends and Shadowhunters. I love a good action/adventure series like Shadowhunters, but also really enjoy having a good belly laugh from comedies like Friends.

If you could give advice to people your age who want to become actors, what would it be?

With great opportunity comes great sacrifice! I love acting, but at times it becomes difficult to balance school or make plans with friends, as you are usually catching up with school work or rehearsing for the next audition. But, it is all truly worth it if you are passionate about it and if this is your dream than I say go for it! 

Lastly– if you woke up with a super power, which would it be and what would you use it for?

If I could wake up with any super power it would have to be the ability to FLY! I could travel for free, beat traffic and not have to deal with my horrible car sickness! How cool it would be to be able to FLY!

Photo Credits: Mai Tilson & CBC Gem.

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