INTERVIEW: Gabriel Darku Stars In Netflix’s OCTOBER FACTION

Comic book fans are excited to watch Netflix’s October Faction, based on a graphic novel series written by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. Rising star, Gabriel Darku, stars as the show’s Geoff Allen and talks to DEFECTIVE GEEKS about joining the cast of a unique sci-fi, monster franchise.

Hi Gabriel! We are so excited to watch October Faction on Netflix. What can you tell us about the series and your character, Geoff Allen?

October Faction is a story about a family– the Allens– whose specialty happens to be hunting monsters. Parents Fred and Deloris carry on the family legacy unbeknownst to their children, Geoff and Viv, who believe them to be insurance agents. When the death of Fred’s father brings the family back to it’s roots, it becomes harder for Fred and Deloris to hide the truth as the twins begin to experience strange happenings and the town proves itself to be not-so-idyllic. It’s a fantastic and twisted story that– while living in a world of supernatural horror– is firmly rooted in the characters and their relationships. It also focuses on topics that relate heavily to society, which I love. My character Geoff is definitely a bit rebellious, and likes to do things his way. He has absolutely no issues with who he is and with being himself, which is great to see. However he definitely has to navigate some pretty rough waters throughout the season and its interesting to watch him handle such vulnerable situations.

How does it feel to bring a popular graphic novel to life? What drew you to Geoff and what were you most interested about when it came to exploring your character in the show?

It feels incredibly cool. I remember when I first read the graphic novel, it obviously gave me a deeper understanding of what we were trying to bring to the screen. It made me even more excited about the whole thing. And getting to play Geoff is definitely a highlight. Geoff is a very interesting character. Charismatic, witty, unpredictable; he’s definitely a handful. He can very easily get under people’s skin because he’s so blunt, but that’s because he happens to be a very open and honest person. If he knows you aren’t being upfront with him, he’s not afraid to call you out. And despite his show of confidence and his comfortability with himself, I actually find him to be very sensitive.

These are all the things I learned not just by reading the scripts, but by how they ended up coming off the page while we were filming. And with long days and a hefty schedule, I actually started to feel and even act like Geoff between scenes and during breaks, while hanging out with the cast. That was the coolest part, how it felt to be around the cast, especially off camera; that chemistry we built shaped how we portrayed the relationships on screen. Having such great scene partners to bounce off of makes your job all the more interesting. 

What was the coolest part about filming a show like October Faction? How was it working with your castmates, especially your on-screen twin sister, Aurora Burghart?

The geek in me wants to bring up how I’d recently been picturing myself playing a character with powers, not to mention how much I love wizards and warlocks. So learning that I was getting to play one, that was obviously pretty exciting. However, the opportunity to work with the people involved in this project was honestly incredible. The cast especially, we really started to feel like a family. JC was always cracking jokes, and Tamara definitely had that motherly touch with Aurora and I. I also knew how important it was for the chemistry between myself and the actor portraying my sister to be good. But that turned out to be a complete non-issue. Aurora is one of the most personable people I’ve ever met, so welcoming easy to talk to. We became friends right away and the chemistry was– dare I say– perfect. The whole cast is made up of amazing, truly gifted people, and it was a pleasure to work with all of them. 

If you were a monster hunter, which monster would you want to come face to face with?

I think Yetis are super cool. And having been raised in the north, growing up hiking and being in extreme cold, I feel like that would be an appropriate encounter! 

How do you hope the fans of the original comic book material will respond to the show? For people who haven’t read the comic, what do you think they’ll like about it?

I think for both fans of the source material and newcomers alike, the thing to love about the show is how much you learn about the characters. The comics have such a great aesthetic and tone, one that I very much look forward to the show exploring more. But what’s great about the show is how you’ll get to relate more to your favorite characters, getting more insight into their personal lives. Personally I’m hoping that fans of the comics will enjoy diving into the background of these characters, and how we’ve mixed and incorporated elements from different parts of the story to make something that would still feel like a new experience.

When did you know you wanted to become an actor? What inspired you to pursue it as a career?

It was 2012. I had entered a contest with my employers– McDonald’s Canada– to win a spot in the next commercial. I was convinced by co-workers to submit myself. At the time, I had no desires of becoming an actor. Never took drama; I was too busy with sports and music. But then, I end up winning a spot in this commercial. Suddenly I’m working on a professional set, for more than 13 hours, and I’m just in awe of the entire process. I enjoyed it so much, from watching the camera man work to getting in front of the camera myself, I knew that I could see myself working in this environment for a living. So, going into senior year I thought hard about what I wanted to do, with filmmaking not exactly being the most stable choice for your future. But at the end of the day it ended up being an easy decision, I really did want to go after something that I knew I would enjoy doing. Now look at me, building a career and making a name for myself in this crazy industry. It’s all thanks to McDonald’s. 

You’ve been part of shows from all genres– from ReBoot: The Guardian Code to Slasher. Do you have a dream role that is on your wish list for the future?

For me, it’s all about the emotion you feel when you watch something. I love pieces that truly move you, whether to laughter or to tears. It’s less about idolizing a specific role I would love to get, and more about wanting to tell meaningful and impactful stories. I just recently watched a movie called The Last Full Measure; it was so raw and so powerful, and that’s exactly the kind of stuff I would love to do. That being said, I absolutely would not mind picking up a role in the MCU. I will always love fantasy genres, and I really do want to be as diverse an actor as possible.

Lastly, if you could have one super power, which would it be and why? Would you want to be a superhero or a super villain?

It’s so hard to land on just one super power! Part of me wants to say the power of flight, not only because I hate traffic with burning passion, but because I am terrified of heights and being able to fly would make standing on balconies much more tolerable. HOWEVER, I may have to settle with that as a close second, and go with being more of a Professor X type of character. Telekinesis and mental powers of the like are pretty darn cool. And I would be a hero, no question. At worst, a chaotic neutral.

October Faction season 1 is now out on Netflix!

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