Disneyland, Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge and Rise of the Resistance

I finally caved into peer pressure and allowed my friends to convince me to buy an Annual Pass to Disneyland. It has been years and years since my last visit at the park and I was very excited to see Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge (or as we fondly keep calling it: Star Wars Land).

My first visit did not disappoint and I was in absolute awe of everything. It truly felt like entering a different world. The life size Millennium Falcon was every bit as amazing as everyone’s Instagram photos had suggested. The ride, Smuggler’s Run, is so much fun– though I am traumatized from taking on the pilot role forever. I’ll be an engineer for life, thanks…

I got to hang out in Oga’s Cantina on my first night at Galaxy’s Edge too, which is a super fun bar with tasty drinks and classic space bops. It does require reservations, so plan ahead.

On January 17, 2020, the highly anticipated Rise of the Resistance ride debuted. Less than a week later, I was lucky enough to experience it.

I want to share how you too can experience this ride in the best way possible.

Unless you have “connections,” there is only one way to get on this ride. You have to get to the park as early as humanly possible (and even earlier than that) and make sure you have a fast finger on the app.

Line up at the main parking structure about 30 minutes before it opens. Usually, they open the lot an hour or an hour and a half before the official opening park hours. I would say getting to the parking lot 30-40 minutes before it opens is a fairly safe bet, because any time earlier than that, they might make you leave and come back. Fortunately, there a few Starbucks or Denny’s around the area to hit up if this happens to you.

For example, on a Friday morning, Disneyland was set to open at 8:00am. I was in line at Mickey & Friends at 5:50am and they started allowing people to park at around 6:30am. We were in line at the gate to get inside Disneyland by 6:50am.

It is important that you are in line to get inside Disneyland as soon as possible. I know it sounds like overkill, but the lines have been getting very long in the mornings… and this is because every geek and their moms are trying to ride Rise of the Resistance right now. It is better to be inside the park way before the official park time opening, and you don’t want to be at the back of these lines– trust me!

The park will start scanning tickets and allowing people inside the park about 30 minutes before the rope drop. After you are in, it is a matter of waiting for the clock to hit opening time and joining a boarding group as fast as possible!

While you are waiting, if you are with friends, make sure to link your passes on each other’s Disneyland app. This way, you can all be on the same boarding group.

How long does it take for them to go through boarding groups?

It really depends on if the ride malfunctions and shuts down, and how long it takes for them to fix it. On my first time, we were on Boarding Group 22 and the ride broke down for almost three hours. We didn’t get on the ride until around 1pm.

On my second time, we were on Boarding Group 44 and the ride broke down for about an hour and a half. We got on the ride around after 2pm. I also noticed that there were parts of the ride that they didn’t fix completely either.

The boarding pass method also minimizes the line wait to the ride (unless it gets super backed up when the ride breaks down, they will honor all group numbers that were called while the ride is down).

Note: You have a two hour period to get on the ride once your boarding group is called.

Is it worth it?

YES! Especially if you love Star Wars. All the work is worth it to experience this absolutely unique ride. The ride is mind-blowing and incredibly immersive. Nothing else compares to it– and I will not add any more spoilers about it!

I hope my slightly rambling blog helps you decide on how you want to navigate your park visit if your goal is to ride Rise.

Don’t forget to have fun and stay caffeinated!

PS. Definitely try the blue milk. It’s pretty tasty.

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