INTERVIEW: Young Actor Carina Battrick Stars in Viggo Mortensen’s FALLING

At eight-years-old, Carina Battrick’s rising success as an actor shows her passion for performing. Her upcoming film– Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut– Falling will be set to screen at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival this month. Read more about Carina and the movie below!

Hi Carina! Tell us about your upcoming film, FALLING– what is it about and what role do you play in it?

Falling is a family drama spanning over many generations. It is a story of the relationships we form with our loved ones and how those connections affect the life we lead as adults. In this film, I play the role of younger Sarah and what I really liked is how the relationship between my character and her father is portrayed when she grows up. How small moments that we might think are not big at the time can really have a big impact on who we end up becoming 30 years later.

What was your most memorable experience while filming FALLING and working with the star and director, Viggo Mortensen?

Working with Viggo was almost surreal. I have not personally watched his movies since they are mostly for adults, but I saw him at the Oscars in 2019 when he was nominated for an Oscar for Green Book. When I saw him at the recall audition, I was starstruck and super excited. He has a really amazing voice that is really calming. He is very patient as director and really helps you do your best on set. He is very nice and also acts like a regular person.

How did you know you wanted to become an actor and performer? Who are your idols and who inspires you every day?

I am a middle child. My older sister is two years older than me, so naturally I would get to watch shows that the bigger kids would watch. I think the first time I watched Harry Potter was when I really wanted to be an actress. I was really fascinated with all the special effects in the movie and how the movie was made. I really wanted to be part of all that wonder. After watching the movie, Hermione Granger became my idol. I love all magical things and I couldn’t believe how smart, kind and powerful she was.

 What do you get most excited about when you’re acting and when you take on a new role? Do you do anything special to prepare for each character you play?

The most important part for me about acting is to learn all about the character and their story. I learned that with acting every detail can tell a story on its own. Certain clothes you wear and ways you move can all be telling a much bigger story to the audience. I love to change into new character’s and make them different from my own personality but keep some of me deep down inside. Watching the final version is a true reward as you get to see the character come to life and relive all those memories of filming.

What kind of roles do you want to play one day in the future? Any dream characters or genres you would love to tackle one day? 

This one is a hard question since I have so many. My three favorite movie genres are Superheroes, Fairytales and Spy movies. If I could only pick one dream character it would be Rapunzel. I think she is an amazing character. She is my favorite of all the Disney princesses. She is independent, smart, funny, resourceful and very beautiful. She never gives up until she finds out who she really is. Her life was tough because she had to live in a locked castle for most of her early years and learn about the real world later in life. 

FEEL THE BEAT on Netflix was such a big hit! Can you tell us about the movie and the character you played? What was the most fun part about filming this movie for you?

Feel the Beat tells the story of April who returns to her hometown after failing to find success on Broadway and is recruited to train a misfit group of young dancers for a big competition. Michelle is one of the youngest dancers of the group, and she is the younger sister of April’s love interest. I actually did not know that Sofia Carson was cast as April in the movie until I actually got cast. I went to the first dance practice, and that was the first time I got to meet her. She was practicing her routines and she is an amazing dancer. All the dances have been choreographed by the famous Mia Michaels. That has been a true honor since I am a dancer in real life. The other amazing part was that all of the main cast were kids so we got to play on set all the time. All other movies that I have been in never had that many kids, so it was really special, and we all became great friends.

Our final question: if you could have any superpower, which one will it be and why?

The power of invisibility. I think with that power I can change the world. I could sneak into important meetings that are super secretive and learn all the secrets. Once I learn the secrets I will share them with the people around the world so that they will learn the truth and live in peace and harmony.

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