INTERVIEW: Thriller Series, Something Undone, Starring Madison Walsh and Michael Musi

A series for those who love a good thriller AND are into true crime shows (or podcasts!). Michael Musi (KIM’S CONVENIENCE) and Madison Walsh (THE EXPANSE) created and starred in this mystery inspired series, Something Undone– find out more in our interview with them below.

Hi guys! Something Undone seems like the kind of thriller that sticks with you. Can you tell our readers about the mini-series and the roles you both play in it?

Madison Walsh: I play Jo, a foley artist (the person who makes sound effects for films) who is cleaning out her late mother’s home while recording spooky sounds for her true crime podcast. Jo goes down a bit of a rabbit hole when she discovers clues hinting at a dark family secret.

Michael Musi: And I play Farid, Jo’s other half, both professionally and personally. Farid’s out in Newfoundland doing interviews for the podcast while Jo is at her mother’s home.

I personally listen to a lot of true crime podcasts myself and my mind has definitely gone to spooky places! What was the inspiration for Something Undone? How did you want to make your audience feel while watching it?

MW: I was personally inspired by the mother-daughter connection and the idea of trauma passed down. I also really loved the film “The Guilty” which creates all of its dramatic tension through phone calls and voice actors. We employed a lot of that in our show.

MM: I’m pretty into true crime myself. I’m really fascinated by sound and was really excited to use sound as a way to tell our story. 

Why did you decide to turn this into a mini-series instead of a film?

MW: We love the cliff-hanger nature of True Crime shows and podcasts and wanted to recreate that suspense.

MM: That being said, we did approach this as a film in lots of ways. Breaking it up into 6 parts was a fun challenge. 

What was the most challenging part about Something Undone? With COVID affecting the industry as it did, what did you both learn through the process of filming this series? Did you have to change your story in any way to comply with protocols, etc?

MW: For me the challenge (and also the reward) was being in every scene. I needed a lot of mental stamina and lots of sugar.

MM: A big challenge for us was time. We had very little of it so we worked very hard and very fast. Luckily, we’re both so proud of the work we did and the tight deadlines actually ended helping us stay more focused. We definitely had to keep the Covid protocols in mind when writing, but luckily not too much had to change once we got on set. 

Personally, how did you both deal with having to be mostly isolated during the pandemic?

MW: I was lucky to be living with my boyfriend throughout the pandemic so I had company. Other than that I made sure to be in nature as much as possible!

MM: I’m definitely an extrovert so it’s been kinda tough. Lots of Facetime calls and walks with pals. Also, so much trash TV. It’s been a real comfort in these uncertain times.

What’s next for both of you?

MW: I’m writing a biopic on a Metis pioneer woman who lived an incredible life out West.

MM: I’m writing a feature film and developing a half-hour pilot heavily influenced by my life. It’s really funny and VERY dark and I’m pumped to see where it goes. 

For our final question, if each of you could have one super power, which would it be and why? Would you become a superhero or a super villain?

MW: Superhero of course! Though I would be lazy so maybe that would make me a villain. I’d like to fly!

MM: Superhero because I have a real problem with people not liking me. I’d like to be able to cure people of any illness!

Check out the trailer for SOMETHING UNDONE below!

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