Saturday, March 24, 2007

My thoughts on Battlestar Galactica, thus far.

As I've just started watching the series, I thought it'd be fun to kind of document my impressions and theories as I go. Just so I can look back and be all..."Well, I was totally wrong about that!"

But as far warning, I will discuss major spoilers. So from here on in:

Right. So far, I've really enjoyed watching it. My major fear is that the whole first season is going to be one crisis per episode. That is going to get old FAST. I'd like a peek into how the civilians are living. I know the show is all about the Galactica, but still. The entire human race just basically got decimated and now these 40,000 or so people have to make their homes on ships that probably weren't designed to live on. How do you manage? What do you tell your kids?

Other thing: They are getting quite a few things wrong about Ancient Greek mythology. They stated that Apollo was god of the hunt, which I'm pretty certain was his sister Artemis's job. They said that Starbuck worshipped Aphrodite and Artemis, but when they show her with the figures it's quite obviously Artemis and Athena. It's not difficult to get right!

But that makes me wonder, how the hell do they have Greek gods if the 'Earth' colony split off first. I'd like a bit more history on how all this developed. And why their legal system seems to be just like the American one. "I plead the 23rd" instead of "I plead the 5th."

Which also makes me wonder, how do the Cylons know about Christianity? Surely that's an Earth thing? But maybe I'm just not suspending enough disbelief.

I like the characters. I think they did a good job in casting. Commander Adama plays the powerful yet vulnerable so well. And I love the president. She is so good. Although, I think she had a lapse of judgement in not chucking the Cylon guy out the airlock just because she had a dream about him.

Which leads to: Is Adama a Cylon? And if so, which Adama? If the statement is true (which I'm betting on it not being) but if it is, I'm thinking it's Apollo. But the only motivation I can find for a Cylon revealing that is to sew mistrust, so that makes it a false statement.

Well, those are my thoughts, impressions, and theories so far. I'm excited to find out what happens next. There aren't enough hours in the day to catch up!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

One of my favorite convention is Wizard World Los Angeles, and I've had much fantastic memories of the convention from all the years I attended. This year was full of good memories and fun, but I must admit, it wasn't the best Wizard World I attended. The convention moved from the Long Beach Convention Center to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Although, the L.A. center is a nice one, it's location in the downtown area is pretty inconvenient and less inaccessible. Plus, $15-30 for parking?... I don't think so. I took the metro train up, thanks.

I didn't attend the first day of the convention, but I was told by many that it was pretty much dead. Saturday had a nice turn-out, but it was still missing the energy it had when it was in Long Beach and the first two years that I attended. I can't attest what WWLA2006 was like because I missed that since I was studying abroad.

Many of the more familiar artists I got used to having in Wizard World were missing, and so were a lot of the more celebrity figures of the geek world (i.e. neither Stan Lee or Kevin Smith showed up this time. Not to say that the convention was lacking in big names! I did get to take my photo with James Kyson Lee who plays Ando in Heroes. Still, the presence of Heroes stars didn't up the energy of the convention at all. It was extremely mellow and strangely quiet for the most part.

Still, I got to hang out with one of my favorite artist, David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), and his girlfriend, Mandy Amano (model and actress). They're always good with putting up with me-- since there were less people for me to bother this time, they had to deal with me 90% of the time! I got to meet people like Stuart Sayger (Shiver in the Dark) and other many talented artists. I hope that this year has not turned them off from attending the convention in the future. I definetely plan on attending again, and hope that it improves next time. I do believe they should move it back to Long Beach, though!

To see more photos, visit the gallery.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Among Tokyopop's OEL books, I was certainly looking forward to Becky Cloonan's East Coast Rising. I've been a devoted watcher of her deviantart account and her artwork certainly stands out among the thousands of online artists burying themselves on that online art community. Her character designs and line work are all very... I want to say, 'bold'... but that seems so cliché to say (then again, most adjectives that people use to describe art are all so overused. It's probably better if I don't try and talk about the way she draws).

As for the book itself, I found it to be very rewarding. Some part of the story and transitions in some pages was somewhat awkward for me, but I didn't mind having to flip back and re-read in order to understand what was going on. The entire first volume was a fun read, setting you up for the three-volume story, and certainly promises fun in the future with Cloonan's very colorful characters. My personal favorite so far is Deathsnake-- I know he's going to do some fairly nutty stuff in the next volumes, for sure! And, he had cool hair.

I also love how Cloonan turns our own world into something almost unfamiliar, turning it into a stage for the purposes of pirate adventures on the sea. We get a glimpse of Jersey-- which I assumed was New Jersey gone completely awry-- and it looked completely unlivable. There is mention of Manhattan, and I think it will be interesting how Cloonan has transformed these cities for her stories. Right now, it is the sea that seems to make the most sense in terms of human habitation in the story. What has happened to the people on land when there seems to be monsters and pirates running a muck in the ocean?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

When I was in 7th and 8th grade I read every single Poirot book I could get my hands on. I loved trying to figure out who the murderer was before Poirot did. But the problem with some of Agatha Christie's later books was she didn't actually present all the clues to solve the murder. It was frustrating because I felt lied to; like there'd been a secret I hadn't been party to, which made me look like an idiot when the truth came out. "Well, everyone knew Dave had an evil twin brother who'd been locked in an insane asylum 30 years ago." Gee, how could I have guessed that?

This was the same problem with The Illusionist. The movie, in essence, is about the rekindling of a childhood romance. That sounds boring, but with the added wonder of it having a Magician, it sounded like it was going to be a fun film. The acting in it is great, I can't fault that. I can't even fault the story, it's got some good twists and interesting characters. What I fault is that the magic tricks are done with CGI. Now that may seem like a weird fault in this day and age, but this is a period movie. By doing the magic tricks with today's technology, the director denied the audience the chance to question how the trick was done and even whether or not it was a trick.

This may seem pithy when you have a good plot and characters, but the movie is a "Who-dunnit?" and because the illusions were actually CGI, the audience wasn't presented with the clues properly. This made the revelation at the end feel cheapened because you couldn't have predicted it on mere facts, only on cliché plot archetypes.

And yes, having a revelation and a twist at the end is becoming completely cliché with movies involving magicians.

I think most people will enjoy the film, but for me, part of the enjoyment was lost because it wasn't staying true to its period, and missed out on getting a really interesting insight into what it meant to be an illusionist in that era.

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