Saturday, April 14, 2007

There's nothing more exciting than visiting a country that I've fallen in-love with-- despite knowing how flawed the place is, I love it. I'm talking about Japan, where I studied abroad in for a one semester. Admittedly, I had all my doubts about it before I went there for the first time. Sure, I love Japanese music, fashion, and manga, but I knew that won't get me anywhere or very far if I lived there for half-a-year just based on that.

I am also Asian, but what most people do not realize is that each country in Asia are very, very different from each other and we would never think of ourselves as "one" unifying race. I may get mistaken for one a lot of times, but I am not and will never be Japanese. I don't think I ever want to be Japanese, because I enjoy being Filipino way too much!

I love comic books and Japanese manga is no exception. I watch quite a number of anime too, of course, and play video games. Though I am quite proud to be a geek (hence this website!), I wouldn't want the word 'otaku' to define who I am. I didn't sit my ass in front of a television in Japan the whole time and watched anime-- much to the surprise of many people, actually. I didn't want to! I wanted to really experience living there.

As the first month of my life there started to pass, I immediately realized how much I loved it over there. I ended up living with the most beautiful people, my host family, and making friends with both Japanese and fellow foreigners. I hold them all close to my heart even to this day. The atmosphere in the city was surreal and full of contradictions. Japan is full of contradictions! I appreciated getting to be a spectator of it all and getting to observe what makes Japan so unique.

I doubt I would ever want to be completely integrated in the system that makes Japan function. It is too narrow for my taste... I mean, I already complain and whine about how repressive the Western social structure is!... but unique opportunities and getting to do what you really want to do is very rare in Japan-- especially for a Filipino girl.

Next month, I will be visiting the country again and I can not wait. I will never live the rest of my life over there, but a dosage of Japanese life here and there would always be welcomed to me!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Double movie post!

I saw TMNT (I can't believe the actual name of the movie is that. What's wrong with spelling it out? Acronyms are evil. EVIL.) and I also saw The Last Mimzy.

First: TMNT
I loved it. It was great. It was everything I wanted from a Turtle movie. It made me chuckle, the voice acting was awesome, and the story was fun. I had my doubts at the beginning, but they pulled it off. My only major complaint was that some of shots pulled me out of the movie because they were just so...3D Studio Max. It just felt like I could see them fiddling with the camera in the program, and it pulled me out of the story.

Besides that, the movie was just down right fun. It didn't take itself too seriously. And it didn't try to be epic, which was what I had feared. I also enjoyed how it was kind of...the sequel to the other movies. It didn't ignore what they had done in the live action ones, which just felt right.

And for you Avatar fans, spot Uncle Iroh! Or should I say, hear?

Second: The Last Mimzy
Okay...I didn't really know what to think going into this film. I had just seen a preview for it and it looked really fun. I thought it was going to be much more connected to Alice in Wonderland. The acting was fine, the kids weren't amazing, but they weren't bad either. Timothy Hutton and Joely Richardson were great. There was a lot going on there, even if they didn't cover it much. There just felt like there was something lacking. They tied up all the loose ends, they had closure and all that, but it seemed to lack something. I just can't quite figure out what.

The story is essentially that someone from the future sends back these 'toys' that are found by two kids on a beach. They start learning from the toys and their brains get all advanced. They can teleport stuff, use telekinesis, that sort of thing. But when the adults start catching on, all hell breaks loose. They need to send one of the toys back to the future to save mankind, and of course the adults start getting in the way.

It's worth a viewing, but probably best as a rental rather than full price.

Lastly: Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica
My thoughts: *SPOILERS*
I was so annoyed that Apollo's arrow actually turned out to be an arrow. I mean, HELLO, we missed a chance of awesome symbolism if Apollo Adama had been the arrow.

I was convinced the end of the season was a dream...but I guess not! It's a brilliant move by the writers though. I mean, they knew the rehash of a crisis every week was going to bore the audience to tears. So now we've got to catch up on a year of what has happened and some how rescue everyone from New Caprica.

Starbucks extensions looked horrible. But I liked Admiral Adama's tache. It was awesome.

But the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the season was Dean Stockwell. I just sat their going "Al, it's Al. Oh my God, it's Al!" He's just frakking awesome. He is by far my favourite Cylon.

***Spoiler's End***

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