Saturday, July 21, 2007

There and Back Again

Sorry for all that crazy downtime. Um. I really have no excuse for it except for my own stupidity. That is... I somehow misplaced the files for the site and accidentally overwrote it while working on another website.

Yeah. Homer Simpson 'Do'h!' moment.

But now we are back, and hopefully... we'll stay awhile, with a change here and there on the site. Keep on watching and reading!

I dare say the new Hairy Pooner Harry Potter book came out, did it not? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I missed all the Potter hootie-nannies last night. Instead, I went dancing at the Queen Marys with some friends. I'm a nerd who likes to dance, I can't help it. Plus, standing around in line with a bunch of Potterheads wasn't appealing enough.

Now, if the Weasley Twins were to be my date, then that's a whole different story! But that's pure fantasy in my head!

No, I haven't bought my copy. In fact, I never bought a Harry Potter book in my life-- my mommy buys them. She read them before I did and beat me on the head with them until I finally broke down. Great books, don't get me wrong, but the hype still boggles my mind.

I heard of a story of a certain webstore that "accidentally" shipped the books a few days before it released. Scholastic is throwing a tantrum over it, which has me all dumbfounded. If this has happened to any other books, no one would give a flying pooper over it. Fandom and hype does strange things to the world, I swear.

Ah well. I still look forward to this so-called last book anyways. Though I'm sure there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to avoid spoilers at this point. I'm not one of those who feels the need to read the entire book within a 24-hour period. First off all, I like to read leisurely. Second of all, I'm not crazy. Third of all, I like to actually sleep. Last of all... I'm not crazy.

To each their own though-- happy Potter time to all I hope!

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