Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger - RIP

I first "met" this actor when I watched the movie A Knight's Tale and he immediately went down on my favorite actors list.

I know, I know... the movie wasn't THAT great, but damn, the male cast was fantastic! I think that movie was one of the first movies I tortured Mjade with at my house, since it was one of those movies I just couldn't stop watching for some reason. Mjade, of course, immediately pointed out to me all that was wrong with the movie. I just kind of grinned, agreed, but still decided I loved it... and that I loved Heath Ledger. She then insisted I watch 10 Things I Hate About You in order to get the full Heath effect.

Eventually, I did watch that movie and I loved it for him.

I've never been a drooling jackass over Heath. I respected him for his talents-- which I strongly believed he possessed despite the numerous somewhat kitschy and crappy films he's done in the past. Of course, it helped that he was quite good looking in his own way.

When it was first announced that he will be playing the Joker in the next Batman film, most people were adamant against this decision. While on the other hand, I strongly defended Ledger's talent as a character actor. Despite the crappy-ness of say... Casanova, he still pulled off his role and made it believable.

I had always looked forward to all the films he would be in because I knew he always delivered.

Needless to say, I am devastated that Hollywood lost one of their few honestly good actors. I am sad that I will never see him again in a movie after the ones he's already made before his passing.

I tip my hat to him and all that he accomplished in his small time with us. I rarely ever agree that a celebrity death is truly tragic-- and probably, this isn't as tragic in the bigger picture. Still, in my heart it is a big lost to the entertainment world. .. even if it's just in the small world of true Ledger fans.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I am finally contributing to this blog, I hope this makes you all happy.

Last summer, all of us saw a strange and mysterious trailer that caused a lot of fuss, and raised a lot of questions. A movie with no name, only a date: 1-18-08. J.J. Abrams, the producer, probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Today, January 18th of 2008, I saw this film, now known as "Cloverfield". I was worried that this film would be a disappointment, since all the anticipation caused by the ambiguous trailers and intriguing viral campaigning could most certainly outdo the film itself.

I have to say, the movie lived up to my expectations (and they were quite high). I won't give away what "it" is that is terrorizing Manhattan exactly, but I will say that the great thing about this movie is that the point of view is always realistic. Everything we see is from a little camcorder, so we experience the terror as any person experiencing it would. The movie did start off a bit slow, but by the time chaos ensues, the story becomes intense, emotional, and at times disturbing, but always very entertaining.

I must warn though, that those of you who are not fans of the "shaky camera" (ala Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum) will probably become annoyed. The picture can be very unsteady at times, but it is only to try to convey a sense of realism amongst the panic of what is occurring.

This is the type of movie that stays with you long after you're through watching (which is what I'm sure was intended). Although the actual premise in this film is a bit unlikely (or so we hope), the reaction of the people is not so different than that of a natural catastrophe. You find yourself questioning what your actions would be in such situations. The actions of the characters in the movie are realistic, and not preachy like some of other catastrophe movies. The ending is a bit blunt, but then again, in the real world, endings don't always have complete closure like they do in the movies.

Of course being a film associated with the cryptic J.J. Abrams, pay attention to the last scene in the movie. It gives a hint to what may have started the entire catastrophe.

And last, but not least, the best part of seeing this movie was getting to see the TEASER TRAILER FOR STAR TREK! Yes, my friends, a teaser trailer for Star Trek. My nerdiness knows no bounds.



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