Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's Wii it ON!

Hey kids!

My Wii number:
2158 1138 3989 8523

What's yours? :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glam it up!

Cinema City Oscar Event 2009Cinema City Oscar Event 2009

Me on a red carpet during Oscar night!

...not THE red carpet, but just a red carpet. Still. Plenty of rick folks walked on that carpet. I just happened to take a photo when everyone else has gone.

Did volunteer work for Cinema City International Film Festival for their Oscar event and had an excuse to get all dressed up! Also, Slumdog Millionaire took home most of the awards that night, as we all know. Which is cool, because that's the only movie I saw from all the Academy Awards nominees. Yikes! I'm way behind! Save me, Netflix!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday the 13th, JUDO CHOP!

WHERE? 2nd Street Jazz @ Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
WHEN? Friday, Feb. 13 @ 9PM-ish
WHY? Listen to some good muzak.
Visit the Judo Chop Myspace page for more information on the bands performing.

Personally, I'm there to see Jean Paul Yamamoto in action at around 11pm.

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Don't Pick on Batman

I just read this article from the LATimes, Walk of Fame allege attacks by music vendors, seek officials' help. Although I'm not really a big fan of these guys posing for money, I believe they have the right to do it. Plus, it's fun for the most part when everyone plays their part properly and practices good attitude and manners. Sometimes, a tourist just gets the urge to pose with Superman on the Walk of Fame for a dollar tip, right??

What irks me is how it sounds like security officers in the area look at these guys like they're lower than dirt just because they're in costume. They're people too and a lot of them are getting hurt; it's a police person's duty to protect them even if they look a little bit ridiculous. Plus, it comes down to stopping so violent in our streets. If the CD vendors ARE gang related, then this could turn into something really serious and dangerous. It sucks that the city is so hesitant to make a move just because it's for a group of people dressed as comic book or movie characters.

I guess I sympathize with people who likes to run around in costumes.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restaurant: Yamashiro

I had dinner at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood this past weekend, which is a neat historical spot. The original building was built in 1911 by the Bernheimer brothers to house their collection of Asian treasures. During the Golden Age, it even became a celebrity hang out! You can read more about its history on the restaurant's website.

The food there was very good, though I wouldn't recommend going for the sushi. I ordered the salmon in miso cream sauce and my boyfriend ordered the sushi entreƩ. The sushi was okay-- nothing special, but I did expect more for the price for it! It was still good though, but I've had better. On the other hand, the salmon was amazing! I loved the taste of the miso cream sauce. We also had the Kurobuta Carnitas appetizer and it was also really good! Again, it was the sauce that made it good, which had a hint of wasabi in it, I think. For dessert, we had the chocolate souffle, which was pretty yummy too. My favorite part of the whole experience though was the sight and location itself. I love how the restaurant feels like an old Japanese castle from Kyoto-- it made my geekier side happy! The garden in the center of the restaurant was really pretty too and I kind of want to go back during one of their movie nights.

The menu is a little bit pricey though, so I'm gonna have to save up for another trip there!

Dinner @ Yamashiro /// lychee martini!!!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Shine Like a Diamond!

This past Saturday, Japan LA and Royal/T collaborated on a themed party called 'Diamond in the Sky', or "SHINY PARTY!" for short. I love the Royal/T space and it was a lot of fun to see people dressed up in glitter, sequins and various other shiny materials. The djs got everybody dancing and the dance circles were definitely one of my favorite things from that night!

Japan LA set up a temporary store inside the cafe, and built a tower of Hello Kitty! (seen in above photo) It became a popular back drop for photo ops.

It didn't get as crowded as I thought it would, which is kind of a good thing-- but there were definitely enough people that showed up to call it a pretty fabulous party.

Shiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T Cafe

They were serving some party food and I had the vegetable quesidilla and the beef skewers. The quesidilla was my favorite and I also had a pomegranate martini. I did a sake shot with a friend, who ended up almost dying from it! You know your friends love you when they're willing to die just to make you happy (since I demanded she do it with me!). Even my boyfriend had fun, admitting that he would never have known about these types of events if it weren't for me. I made him a shiny, silk vest to match my dress.

Shiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T Cafe

We didn't leave until the party actually ended and the boyfriend and I headed to Johnny's pastrami on Sepulveda for a late, late night dinner. We ordered a pastrami sandwich to split between us (they're huge), french fries and a slice of apple pie. Best way to end the night!

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Let's all sparkle!

WHERE? Royal-T Cafe in Culver City
WHY? To glitter & shine, motherfuckers!!!

RSVP NOW!!!! To:

I'll be there and I'm excited! I won't be wearing anything original, but you bet your monkey-butts I'm going to be hella shiny anyways XDDDD


Edwardian Ball 2009

Edwardian Ball 2009

Last Saturday night, a friend and I attended the first ever Edwardian Ball held in Los Angeles! It was an excuse to dress up and get out on a Saturday night! A rare opportunity these days, let me tell you...

The event was full of Edwardian enthusiasts-- from people dressed in historically correct clothes, to costumes, and so on. The performances were more circus-burlesque style with really talented musicians and singers bringing in the noise. It was really neat to see people ballroom dancing on the dance floor as well.

I love the neat hand-drawn decor they had going on too!

Edwardian Ball 2009

We were very entertained by the performances from Cirque Berzerk, and my favorite band was Helios Jive. The drink from the punch bowl at the bars was also delicious. Unfortunately, as it got later, the place got way too crowded! We couldn't even manage to get near the bar! We left a little early and headed to Denny's for some late-night breakfast meals. Overall, it was a good time and I would definitely go again!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I added a little flickr badge on the side menu! Please check it out for photos of all the shenanigans I get into. I promise to post more of my gurly geeky/nerdy activities as I get on with the re-design and revamp of this blog :)

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