Monday, April 27, 2009

Jab Strong... FIERCE!

Jab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleus
Me as Sakura!

This past Saturday night, April 25, Gallery Nucleus hosted an opening party for the Street Fighter tribute art show, JAB STRONG FIERCE! It was a really cool event, albeit a very crowded one.

My boyfriend, my friend, and I went in costume-- obviously, I cosplayed Sakura. My friend Valerie cosplayed Chun Li and my boyfriend went as Fei Long... I mainly did it because I wanted to get a 15% discount on a couple of archival prints I've been meaning to purchase from the gallery. Mwahaha. I am now a proud owner of Becky Cloonan's "Lee" and Scott Campbell's "Tree Spirit with Bike"!

I also meant to take more photos of cosplayers and such at the event; but since I was in costume myself, it was hard for me to balance the cosplayer/photographer game. Which is pretty lame... but at some point, I'll have to figure out how to downplay the cosplay (on the rare occasions I dress up in public these days) while getting good shots!

My boyfriend even won second place in the cosplay competition they hosted that night! He won a shirt, an art print, and a copy of the Street Figther tribute book published by Udon Entertainment.

The art at the show was really cool though and a lot of them I loved. Unfortunately, I don't really do well in incredibly crowded, small spaces so I didn't get to enjoy the pieces as I would have liked to. Still, I manage to snap a shot with Cloonan's painting, so that made me happy!

Jab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleus

I'm pretty sure I missed out on a lot of cooler things at the opening though. It was hard for me to navigate because of the tight crowd... either way, I'm glad I went. The show will be up till May 11, so go check it out!

Jab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleusJab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleus
Jab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleusJab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleus
Jab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleusJab Strong Fierce @ gallery nucleus

For more photos, please visit my flickr set!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cirque du so Lame - not so lame!

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

I went to my first hosted party at the Royal-T Cafe in Culver City. As I expected, it turned out to be a pretty fabulous event, albeit the place got a little crowded! Which is a sign of a successful party, of course. I had to miss the Bob Baker show, unfortunately, because there was no way of penetrating the crowd at the back of the restaurant by the time I arrived.

Of course, the usual creative group of ladies were present, like Michelle aka chubby bunny (she sells hand made bows which are available at Royal-T! Super cute!), who created her entire outfit from scratch.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Fiery red babe, True Mee (aka yume ninja), customized her costume-- hottest lion tamer of all circus town? I think so!

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Jenny, from what I've heard, made her entire costume in ONE day! Below is a photo of her with Julie (aka smiley squid) who is a dress making extra-ordinaire. They both looked super-gorgeous that night.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Sheyne's monkey box was a big hit that night! She even had a bear on drums, which became my favorite that night (though sadly, I didn't get a photo of it!)

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

In other words, if you want to meet and mingle with some of the most creative people in town, you can definitely find them at the next themed party at Royal-T.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t

Check out all my photos on flickr!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cirque du so Lame

Another week, another Royal-T/Zippercut event!

I don't plan to be anything exciting, but I'll be armed with my camera.

More info at!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

iFly! We Fly!

My department at work were given gift certificates for a session of indoor skydiving via iFly Hollywood at Universal City Walk! It is basically a skydive stimulation without the risk of jumping off an airplane and having a parachute mishap...

iFly @ Universal City Walk

iFly @ Universal City Walk

It's kind of an experience to have-- it wasn't an easy thing to get used to for me! In fact, even after going twice inside the man-made wind tunnel, I can't say I'll be doing somersaults any time soon while "floating" in air. The blast of air inside the tunnel is pretty nuts and trying to control your body while afloat is even more nuts!

Our more athletic co-worker had the best form in the end, while the slobs like myself had a harder time. It was definitely all about body formation, and the smallest thing can change the way you are floating around. I hit that glass wall a few times, I will admit! In otherwise, I totally sucked at it.

But hey, it's kind of neat, kind of a nerdy thing to finally experience what it's like to fly-- or in my case, get thrown around by really strong wind... ha! At least they know how to capture your better moments on film!

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