Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Pirate Festival is for me!

pirate fest 2009

Gizzy and I went to the annual festival held at Long Beach, California for the first time this year! The festival was a small event, but everything I basically expected-- the same crowd who attends the Renaissance Faire dressed as pirates, booths after booths of useless pirate merch, and in general, just kitschy, nerdy fun.

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

While we were there, the better entertainment was a band on stage. The band was pirate themed, of course, providing the audience with some fun, pirate rock music. Gizzy definitely appreciated the physiques of the members; and their music wasn't bad at all! Although, I didn't care enough to actually try and remember the band's name... Oops. Either way, I totally appreciated their tribute to They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard-- who knew I'd hear this song performed live? Ha!

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

We also tried the food there and was greatly disappointed at the meal we ended up purchasing. There was a booth serving all kinds of birds– chicken, quail, turkey... the quail wasn't bad, though it was pretty dry. The chicken leg we had was definitely dry without much taste. The sides of spanish-artichoke dip and rice were pretty bland as well. I wished I had tried the crepe booth instead! The festival's website promised BBQ type food, but there was none. We did try the funnel cake and that wasn't half-bad, though how can you really go wrong with fried desserts?

The food choices were definitely disappointing overall, which puts a damper on any event for me!

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

We were there for a couple of hours and on the way out, we stopped by the campsite for the Port Royal Privateers. These pirates were more hardcore, setting up an overnight camp on the beach and creating their own pirate-y characters. I thought they were really cool and we considered joining this camp party one day. It'll be fun to be overnight pirates at least once!

To wrap this event report up, let's not forget... the obligatory photo with Jack Sparrow (there were at least five of them at the festival that day).

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009
pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009
pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

For more photos, visit my flickr set!!!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Food Industry... worst than the Tobacco Industry?

I went to watch the documentary called Food Inc., which I will have to HIGHLY recommend for everyone to watch.

The movie presented a lot of eye-opening facts about this country's food industry. I hope everyone is already aware that the food we are eating these days are hardly manufactured to be actually nutritious. I know a lot of people are already aware of the animal abuse that is going on with our cows, pigs, chickens, etc. I know everyone is aware of something that is "wrong" in the food industry, but we all tend to turn a blind eye a lot of times.

Heck, I know I do! I love food to the umpteenth degree and I'll shovel anything in my mouth as long as it tasted good! I'm guilty of financially serving these corrupt food corporations!

After watching this movie though, I can no longer completely feign ignorance to the truth and what is REALLY going on with the production of our food. The inhumane treatment of both animals AND people.

It's sick.

It's not even just about our meat products-- even our greens and everything else is affected and tainted. If not with e coli, it's affected by horrifying greed and corruption. The utter carelessness from the people making all the money and to what they are feeding us-- and how our farmers are truly and sadly affected by the crisis.

Eating "cheap" has a price, people. We have kids dying from e coli on a regular basis. That should NOT be the case in the 21st century. We are moving backwards and all because a select handful are making billions feeding us absolute shit.

I can't present all the facts myself in this blog entry, but I just hope to convince more people to go and watch this documentary if it happens to be playing close to you. There is a feeling of enlightenment at the end of it. Trust me. You WANT to know where your food is coming from.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute and Dangerous!

I attended the opening party for CUTE AND DANGEROUS, an art show at Seven Degrees at Laguna Beach. Thanks to Mandy of Zippercut who invited me to the event! The turn out was good and the event was pretty fun. I was expecting a little more, but I wasn't really disappointed since so many of the people I invited to go ended up going!

Plus... there was free food that lasted throughout the whole night! Which surprised me because free food is always the first to go at these events... but there was plenty to be served all night long.

The art were all so much fun too!
There were also a group of girls who were in lolita or cute outfits that went well with the theme of the night. It gave the party the "spunk" that it needed.

I didn't win any of the raffle prizes though... sniff.

Cute and Dangerous!Cute and Dangerous!
Cute and Dangerous!Cute and Dangerous!
Cute and Dangerous!Cute and Dangerous!
Cute and Dangerous!Cute and Dangerous!
Cute and Dangerous!Kappa, yay!

Check out my flickr for more photos!

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Sunday, June 07, 2009


What could be more perfect than walking into a Mitsuwa store and finding a takoyaki stand has been set up inside for the day?


The answer is, nothing! Nothing is more perfect than freshly made takoyakis right before your eyes! Best. Thing. EVER!

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