Monday, September 21, 2009


sdcc2009 / Heroes Carnival

Guess what kids??




Whew. I almost forgot about it, too; but whilst trying to figure out what the hell to blog about on here, the light bulb turned back on. I actually don't quite remember how the last season ended-- my brain can only hold so much information at a time, forgive me-- but I am sure I will remember five minutes into tonight's episode(s?).

Other fans have forsaken this show, but I still LOVE it! LET'S GO HEROES FANS!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Where's the "Leave Megan Fox Alone!" Youtube Video?

I have no special love for Megan Fox, though I will be the first to agree that she's beautiful! I love pretty girls in movies just as much as the next person, what can I say. People has dubbed her as the next Angelina Jolie, which I actually did scoff at. I'm a big Jolie fan and I believe in Jolie's mad acting skills. Megan Fox is a whole lot of hotness on screen, but her acting skills are mediocre (though I am sure there will be plenty of space for improvement as her career blossoms).

There is a supposed Michael Bay vs. Megan Fox feud, which Bay immediately patched up with a quick comment on his website. Apparently, Megan's trailer trash way is part of her charm!

Look kids. You can't expect the pretty faces on screen to be angels. Megan Fox has earned her fame. Transformers are not my most favorite film, but I sure enjoy watching it! Though I have yet to see the second one... d'oh! And all you geeks trying to make her out to be like one of us-- give it up! Megan is only milking us for all our worth because she's getting hefty jobs doing these nerdy, Comic-Con worthy movies.

She may or may not be an asshole, but that doesn't mean she won't be making entertaining movies. Relax, guys... let's just enjoy her dumb comments and appreciate the humor :)

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A break

I'm on my lunch break at work currently and I figured I'd spend time updating this often neglected and badly written blog. Ironic that the my fellow bloggers are the better at writing than me... but they are so silent here... ha!

This Friday, I am going to see GLAY for the 2nd time at the House of Blues on Sunset! At my younger years, while my peers were listening to N'Sync, I was throwing my fangirl energy towards this Japanese band. I can say that my love for this band directed me to many of my interest these days- namely a great interest in Japanese fashion. I did, at one point, wanted to become just like the band's guitarist, Hisashi!

These days, I hardly follow the band's new projects but I still feel a strong connection with the songs and music videos I "grew up" with.

They already played their first concert in San Francisco and a fan kindly wrote up their set list. I am SO excited that they will be playing 'SURVIVAL', in particular. They didn't play this at the last concert and I was slightly disappointed. Now, I will finally get to enjoy this song LIVE and I could not be more happy!!!

Otherwise, I am busy getting Halloween costumes done for myself and two other people. Also, I'm trying to figure out the best way to embed twitter on this blog's side bar! I might be due for another website redesign...! I need to find time to learn CSS coding. I feel like I've reached the limit of what can be done with HTML some times.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Long Beach Comic-Con!

Next month, I will be attending the first ever Long Beach Comic Con! I'm so excited to have this local convention already jammed pack with awesome guests. Stan Lee will even be doing an inaugural ceremony and opening the convention with a ribbon cutting. Hopefully Stan's blessings will be enough to keep this convention around and growing, yeah?

The usual suspects will be in attendance, including Seth Green, Lou Ferrigno, and... Jeremy London?

The convention will also be sporting big comic book names (the important part!) such as Jim Lee! Plus, top companies such as Top Cow will be in the exhibit hall. It's not San Diego Comic Con (yet???), but I would love to be in a smaller comic convention after the madness that is SDCC! I was deprived of Wizard World this past year, after all...!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's September!

In October, Long Beach, California is hosting its first ever Comic Book Convention! Well, besides when Wizard World used to reside in the Long Beach Convention Center... Stan Lee will be opening the convention with an inaugural ribbon cutting.

Speaking of Stan Lee, yesterday the interwebs exploded with news of Disney buying Marvel out. There were definitely a lot of fear among the comic-book fans, but for me, it wasn't a big surprise or a big deal. Marvel was already on its way to becoming a household name with the success of its films. I don't think the company will loose any of its identity with this merger.

I think it will be a lot like the Disney/Pixar relationship. Although we somewhat associate Pixar with Disney; we still refer to their movies as "Pixar" films and NOT Disney films.

Marvel is certainly iconic and there is no way Disney can budge out Spider-Man out of the picture! Plus, why would they want to mess with the Marvel characters? They've been around maybe longer than most of Disney's Princesses.

I think there will be a lot of advantages for both companies, without the Disney and Marvel franchise suddenly rolling together in one giant tumbleweed. Though it would be amusing to see Kim Possible team up with the Marvel superheroes...

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