Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Halloween Celebration!

First of all, sorry that the website is looking a little strange right now. I'm in the midst of moving and redesigning the front page around, so things are gonna be funky for awhile! But I'll try to keep the blog as readable as possible, at least. Ha!

We celebrated Halloween a little early at work and had a Halloween Karaoke competition at Backstage Bar & Grill! I highly recommend this karaoke bar. Their song list is a 50 pound book, the drinks are good and they have REALLY good food!

LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009 LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009
I love their garlic fries...

I went as a witch to work-- well, a lame attempt at a "Cute Witch" costume, at least. The outfit was pulled together from my closet, but I actually made the hat out of posterboard and fabric, all pieced together with a hot glue gun. Skills, man... skills.

DIY: Witch hat!

halloween 2009 : WITCH halloween 2009 : WITCH

We had a costume contest, too, but I lost to a dog. That's okay, though... the dog really is cuter than me.

LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009

Check my flickr for a few more photos!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Apples : Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Three Apples//VIP Party! Sanrio celebrates Hello Kitty's 35th  birthday with an ongoing celebration centralized around Royal-T Cafe in Culver City, California. Several parties are going on throughout the rest of this month and next month; check their website for the schedule and details!

Last night, thanks to the ladies of Bubble Punch, I got to attend the opening VIP party! The night didn't start off too well as we stood in line for almost over an hour, waiting to be allowed inside. They had invited too many people and the fire marshals declared the venue at over capacity. They had to stop letting people in...! Fortunately, our heroine, Steph came to our rescue and we were able to go in earlier than we had imagined!

Three Apples//VIP Party! The wait was completely worth it, to be honest. Not only was Royal-T decked to the bones with Hello Kitty decorations and paraphernalia, the crowd was awesome, amazing artwork, great music, free food, and... OPEN BAR, BABY! There was also a bit of a celebrity hubbub at the event (attendees included Paris Hilton, Kimora Lee Simmons, Dave Navarro, Yoshiki from X Japan etc.), but personally... I was too busy loving on all the Hello Kitty toys and merchandise...!!! My inner-twelve years old was in heaven!!! There was even a trailer home with a Hello Kitty theme; including a soft, pink, fluffy bed!

More Hello Kitty fun will come as the events happen, so stay tuned! 

Three Apples//VIP Party!
With Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty dress!

Three Apples//VIP Party! Three Apples//VIP Party!
Three Apples//VIP Party! Three Apples//VIP Party!
Three Apples//VIP Party! Three Apples//VIP Party!

More photos in my flickr gallery!!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japanology : BOSOZOKU

I never got around to posting about this event--- better late than never, I guess! Royal-T Cafe, Bubblepunch and Zippercut host a monthly(ish) event called 'Japanology'. Each month, they pick a topic of focus about one of Japan's many, and most of the time deviant, subcultures. In September, I attended a movie screening and lecture about Bosozoku, aka biker gangs in Japan!

There was a small photo booth set up with a vintage motorcycle as prop for the models. It was fun hanging out and pretending to be a 'yanki' for the night.

I admit, I use to daydream about joining a Japanese girl biker gang! This was as close as I could get, I guess...

Me in the center of a truly formidable gang of badass ladies.


I don't know if you can tell, but we had fun. CLICK HERE to see the rest of the photos!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Missing out on Movies

I confess... I miss out on a lot of the "geek" movies. I haven't gone to see District 9, 9, Ponyo, etc.

There are several reasons: laziness, lack of time, I'm somewhat of a cheap-o (though that's not REALLY an excuse since I actually have some free movie tickets lying around... ha!).

I'm bestfriends with my Netflix.

I just happen to like having the option of pausing the movie when I feel like getting up to go to the bathroom or the concession stand. Spending two hours or more inside a dark movie theater, fixated on a big screen has become such a luxury for me.

Though there ARE movies I would want to experience inside a theater, rather than in the dinkiness of my laptop.

Though most movies that are released these days, I feel like I am patient enough to wait for them on Netflix.

What about you guys? Movie Theater vs. DVD... thoughts??

Here's something quick and good for a big laugh: Superhero Status on Facebook.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Comics and Conventions in Long Beach

The first Long Beach Comic Con came and went this past weekend. I was only in attendance on Saturday, but I felt like the convention was a success. I had a relaxing time walking around the exhibit hall, poking through the artist alley, and chatting with local friends. I loved the "small con" feeling! Unfortunately, none of the panels really interested me but that didn't subtract from the ultimate experience.

The line for Jim Lee took a long time to move as he was late to his signing, but the line was not long at all. Although by the time it was our turn to see him, he was rushed and couldn't take the time to do but a quick autograph and doodle, instead of a sketch. I guess you can't really complain though!

Long Beach Comic Con 2009
Me and Jim Lee!

I didn't have much of meet-and-greet agenda which made it a more pleasant surprise to meet actor and writer, Mike McMillian of Archaia Comics.

Long Beach Comic Con 2009
Mike McMillian signing a 'Lucid' poster

What a fantastic guy! He was completely personable. I have yet to see an episode of True Blood, but he is currently playing one of the bigger roles in the TV show. He didn't give off a Mister-Hollywood-Vibe though. It was unfortunate that his presence wasn't advertised enough because there was no line during his signing. I even went back a second time to chat with him and get a second signed poster for a friend. I hope his comic book series will become a success! The encounter peaked my interest in Archaia too and will probably check out more of their books in the future.

I hope this convention keeps coming back every year! It was loads of fun!

Long Beach Comic Con 2009 Long Beach Comic Con 2009

Long Beach Comic Con 2009 Long Beach Comic Con 2009

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