Monday, February 08, 2010

Breaking News! BubblePunch! Amano! Cosplay!

My favorite people at Bubble Punch are going to be hosting a cosplay contest at the opening night of Yoshitaka Amano's show, 'Deva Loka', at LeBasse Projects. I'm pretty sure most of you anime and Final Fantasy geeks would know who he is. If you don't know who he is... google is your friend.

Seriously though, his art is pretty phenomenal.

For the cosplayers, you guys better check out the contest and prize details! BRING ON THE FLOWING FABRIC AND BEADS!!!

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Sunday, February 07, 2010


ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus
Valerie and I return from the dead.

My friend, Valerie, and my boyfriend indulged me in a little pre-birthday weekend fun and accompanied me at the opening night of the 'Zombies In Love' show at Gallery Nucleus. I have been excited about this show since last year and was thrilled that it was happening on the weekend right before my birthday-- great way to celebrate for me since I love the group art shows at Nucleus and I FREAKIN' LOVE ZOMBIES!

Well, okay... they do scare me (the idea of it, anyways) but I can't help be morbidly fascinated at the same time. I would sit through any type of zombie flick, no matter how ridiculous they may be. I honestly can say I enjoyed watching Zombie Strippers. Just sayin'. It was awesome.

ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus

As usual, Gallery Nucleus went above and beyond with the opening party. It was kicked off with a zombie walk, which we missed-- but who knew I would one day attend an art gallery full of people in zombie make-up? Eat My Taco provided some delicious eats for people and zombies a like.

ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus

Dr. Sketchy provided a life (dead?) drawing event where we got a chance to draw a zombie model! This was definitely my favorite part of the night and I came prepared with my sketchbook. I loved the whole setting that Nucleus and Dr. Sketchy provided for the artists, and I must say... it was the first time I did life drawing with drunk people giggling loudly right behind me. Though I found it didn't really deter or bother me too much.

ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus

We took a break from drawing and watched a dance crew, Teen Grov, perform a zombie inspired hip hop number. Let me tell you- nothing like watching zombies break dance. After all that, I still haven't gone to the BEST part! Behind the gallery, they had a zombie shooting range set up at the parking lot.

You heard me correctly. Zombie shooting range. Here's a video of my boyfriend demonstrating how to take some shots at some poor, meandering zombies.

ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus
ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus
ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus ZOMBIES IN LOVE // gallery nucleus

For the rest of my photos, please visit my flickr set!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Look like Blogger/Blogspot is getting rid of their FTP option-- which means I have to figure out what will I do with this blog for this website. Eek! Maybe it's time to move to Wordpress.

Anyways, please excuse us for a while here. We will probably be going "under construction" sooner than later!

For now, follow me on my twitter account, yeah??


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