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On October 10th, 2011 Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie, and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Joseph Gordon Levitt &’s Fall Formal 2011. is a website and production company that is dedicated to collaboration with all forms of art from film, animation and song.  This formal was a concert and film festival of everything they have been working on with appearances from Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Oldman, Tasha Taylor and much more. It would take me seven blogs to talk about everything that happened that evening.  What I would like to tell you about is one of my favorite moments of the show, Tiny Stories.

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‘Full Moon Horror’ Video Interviews!

I’m so excited to introduce to you our very first video interview!

On October 21st, 2011 at Meltdown Comics, Gizzy B and I were invited to the Launch party of Full Moon Horror. With the help of Red Sheep Productions, we were able to catch the spirit of the evening and all the Full Moon event had to offer. Being unfamiliar with most horror films, except main stream ones, Full Moon opened my eyes to a genre that I’ve always known about, but never fully appreciated.

In this video you will experience interviews with people like Charles Band, Tommy Chong, and David DeCoteau. I am looking forward to watching more Full Moon Horror features. I am also looking forward to watching some of David DeCoteau’s Rapid Heart Pictures, as they are specificallly directed at a female audience and isn’t that what were all about? Girl Geek Power!

Make sure to check out our first Full Moon Horror blog, including event photos.

Here is our video interview! Check it out:


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Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland

Have you ever wondered when your prince will come?

You ponder each new romance, guy after guy, only to find one or two qualities that make you happy. Has Disney been telling you that a “knight in shining armor” will appear to replace that beastly boyfriend and then make everything in life okay? In her new play, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland”, writer/director Erika Jenko explores these ideologies that culminate with the realization of love eternal existing in life all around and in all forms.

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The ABC Network Press Tour

On August 8th-9th I got the honor help out at the Summer ABC Press Tour. As a Page I escorted talent, steamed clothes and led actors to the media panels and interviews. While participating in coffee like errands I got first hand info on all the new ABC shows coming this fall. You should be excited because some of them sound pretty fun.

 My morning started out escorting Christina Ricci to the green room to get ready for the panel. Maybe it was the conversation about shoes or the fact that she is really cool but it got me pumped to watch her star in a new drama series called Pan Am. Directed by Thomas Schlamme from the West Wing, Pan Am is a period piece that takes place in the 1960s centered on one of America’s first airline companies. It portrays the glamorous and dramatic lifestyles of the pilots, flight attendants, and the guests of the plane.

One of the questions asked was if ABC was trying to complete with Mad Men. Schlamme responded that this show was trying to appeal to women as the story centers mainly around the flight attendants. Mad Men takes a very chauvinistic approach and all he is trying to show is that the lifestyle of air travel was a privileged one. There wasn’t much freedom for woman of the 1960s. Flying was a way to escape, to see the world and be in charge of their own lives. Kelli Garner who plays Kate in the show went on to say that many people don’t realize what pressure there was to be a flight attendant during the 1960s; not only did you have to be beautiful, but also well educated. Garner made a comment about how her past experience as a stewardess helped her with the reality of the role. Ricci added to Garner’s response by stating that in her own performance she tries to remember that flying is new and exciting and she shares that experience with the actors that play the guests on the show. Pan Am is scheduled to air September 25th 10/9c on ABC, so keep a look out.

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Review: America’s First Avenger

   Last week, I had the wonderful luck to attend a private screening of Captain America: The First Avenger. The movie was good enough that I went to see it again with one marked difference: the Avenger’s trailer at the end.

As a Marvel fan, I went into the film expecting to be as entertained as this spring’s Thor. The fact that I got to see Chris Evans shirtless was just a bonus. As a film, Captain America did not disappoint, although handicapped by being a setup movie for the Marvel film franchise. It offered humor, action, and enough camp and patriotism to go around.

The film tells the story of Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans as a weak, small man trying to due his duty for his county by aiding in the Second World War.  He gets his chance when Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) asks Rogers to participate in an experiment to create a super soldier. Erskine sees that Rogers is the perfect candidate because of his selflessness and big heart.  After injecting Rogers with the special performance enhancing serum he becomes what we know of him today; a large buffed Captain America with a heart of gold.

Sadly, Captain America is laughed at in a series of montages of musical numbers and dance routines, which I thoroughly squealed over.  Who doesn’t enjoy hot men dancing around in tights and costumes?  Finally after proving himself to Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) we get to see what Captain America can really do when he goes up against the antagonist of this film Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) a very red-faced Nazi or better known as Red Skull from the comic books.

This film wouldn’t be complete without a love interest that we see between Rogers and Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) which is a lot of sexual build up to a very unsatisfying release, in my opinion.  They did tease me with one hot steamy kiss but I have to remember it’s a family film and people just didn’t do that in the 1940s. Oh, and let’s not forget the film’s classic cameo by Stan Lee. ;)

What’s really cool about this movie is how it reflects the way the world thought back in the 1940s. Captain America was created in the 1940s to help inspire soldiers and citizens to participate anyway they can in World War II.  The style of movie fits in perfectly with our 9/11 mindset.  Emphasizing on 40s clothing style, sets and overly campy patriotic propaganda, which could make anyone smile.

The director, Joe Johnston decided to shoot this movie in 2D and later converted to 3D.  I saw the movie in 3D and felt that it could of done without.  Not only was it gimmicky but in some scenes you didn’t even notice the 3D.  The converted 3D made the film look dirty and I kept checking to see if the smudges I saw were on the glasses or on the screen.

This movie sometimes lacks social interaction between the characters. Chris Evans being a young actor played the part well but showed his true acting chops in the scenes with Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones.  Now in old cartoons and comic books villains have tendency to recite their plans to themselves or the hero.  Which is what Red Skull was doing to Captain America and maybe that is the effect that Johnston was looking for.  Some scenes with Evans and Weaving they seemed to be reciting monologues but not really talking to each other.  An actor plays off another and Tucci and Tommy Lee work, because of experience they are able to bring out the best in the people they work with.

For any movie or Marvel fan, Captain America will satisfy your classic superhero hunger.  The only thing that would have made this film better is if they released it around Fourth of July.  It would fit the patriotic theme as well as bring in even more that already did in box office sales.