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Ep. 69 Stinky Tofu and Sexy Episode

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More stinky tofu talk than sexy talk but the Lady Geeks discuss 626 Market Night, the Hobbit movie trilogy and how much Batman spends on his toys. We also talk about our most favorite and least favorite pairings in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Ep. 68 Counting Chickens

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This is a BATMAN SPOILER FREE podcast as the Lady Geeks rambled on about other things like kids dying from playing too much Diablo III or board games we played in the mid-90s. Dream Phone: The Avengers Edition, anyone? Includes a surprise visit from Pilbeam.

Ep. 67 Comic-con is Now Drunk-con

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We interview Sona from iStockphoto about the Collective Comics Project at Comic-con and you can hear it on this episode. Then the Lady Geeks discuss the up and downs of San Diego Comic-con 2012 weekend, how much alcohol that was drunk and the lack of panels Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen attended because… Read more »