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E3 – It Was Never Just For the Boys

“The Kickass Female Characters of E3” – IGN

With the biggest expo in gaming concluding over the weekend, fans are still reeling over the announcements of the return of some of their favorite titles and new titles. I definitely had a fan girl moment when the remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced and the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts III was revealed. It was also great to see the pure joy and happiness in my husband’s eyes when he realized that The Last Guardian was finally happening.

Aside from the flashback to our teenage gaming years, what I was most looking forward to were the appearance of playable female characters. As reported by The Mary Sue, twenty-three, yes 23, games announced at E3 2015 feature female lead characters, as well as being ethnically diverse. Why yes, I most definitely want to play as Michonne. Givemenowthankyouplease. This is a great step towards better representations of diversity in the gaming world. Television, primetime shows, being the first form of media to move forward in trying to create better representations.

I will agree that the road still remains difficult, but step-by-step, we can see that one media industry has taking cue and is making effort towards inclusion. I believe that in order to begin to reconstruct views regarding gender, race, ethnicity, and so on, the representations in the media must change to reflect our society in an accurate manner and show its diversity.

Inclusion also means behind the scenes. It was noted that this years E3 had a big female attendance, proving once again that gaming is not just for the boys. Not to forget to mention the ever-growing number of women within the industry creating and producing titles. In the past, E3 had a reputation of not being the greatest place for women, but this year, more women were included onstage to present games. And guess what? We also saw less over sexualization of female characters. Instead, the focus was on how kick-ass these women are. Respect. Although, I can’t officially report to you about the expo show floor itself, as in the case of “booth babes.”

Again, there’s no question that diverse representation in the media still has a long way to go. It is important that we keep talking about these issues so that the people at the top – those who ultimately control the content in media – will feel the pressure and finally allow media to reflect its actual audience.

Finally, I ask, why should the lady geek community care? Do we care about how we are represented in games? How do we feel about how ethnicity is represented in games? Does it matter or affect your gaming experience if diversity is included and that there are accurate representations? This is the time to speak and to keep the discussion moving forward towards social change and justice.

Check out this great compilation made by Polygon: The Badass Women of E3 2015

Where Communities Are Built, Where Communities of Sexual Harassment and Gender Abuse Are Fostered – Who Is Responsible?

reddit-logo-01-674x501Who should be responsible for ethics in social media? What about social media platforms that are also linked to businesses and are partnered with other well known names and companies? Reddit is a prime example of this type of social media platform. And if you are a social media savvy kind of geek, then you definitely know what Reddit is and what gets posted on and its “subreddits.” We could talk about 4 Chan, but let’s not.

In the recent years, Reddit has taken strides to ensure that the site is clean of “child pornography and sexually suggestive content featuring minors,” (, but there still remain concerns about how often the administrative staff and moderators use a blind eye to avoid having to take any action towards other negative content submitted on the site. Some would argue that this allowance of abused “Freedom of Speech” has often led to communities or “subreddits” that promote/support abuse, sexual harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination. This is in stark contrast to the views of Reddit’s current CEO, Ellen Pao, who recently attempted to battle gender discrimination. Under such laws as the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996, which protects Internet speech and protects Reddit Inc. from having any legal responsibilities of what their users say and do, it is easy to see why no actions have been taken to ban such subreddits as “/r/RapingWomen” where users and moderators promote rape culture while claiming that their content is meant to be satirical, indicative of “Internet trolling.” Now, we know that these types of subreddits are typically buried amongst all the chaotic funny, cute, and NSFW images, but they do exist.

Should Reddit be ethically responsible?

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We Are The Music-Makers

I don’t know about you, but I was a musical geek. If I could, I would live my life like a musical in a heartbeat. During my adolescence and teen years, I would often dance around singing about my life and as if it were a musical. I still remember being eleven and coming home from school to pop in my The Little Mermaid VHS and playing Part of Your World over and over just so that I could make sure I hit every note correctly and embracing the emotions the Ariel felt. I want to be part of that world too, Ariel! Me too!! Although, I rarely sang and danced in public, I have to admit, I was a wallflower. I usually sang in the privacy of my own home, even more privately, in my bedroom. Every now and then I would belt out, “WILL YOU PASS ME THE RIIIICE!!!” in vibrato, at my parents, during dinner. Even though my family has a great sense of humor, they’re also Asian, so they would often call me crazy for doing that. As a way to release some of my inner artist, I joined choir. But once again, wallflowers don’t do so well in public. I was only comfortable living my musical life with family and friends, but I have to say that choir did help to break me out of my shell a bit. As I got older, the music faded, although, it remained in my heart and soul.

To live life out like a broadway musical would be any music geek’s ultimate dream come true. Movies from the 50s, old variety shows, Disney’s classic animated feature films, all have brought music, singing and dancing to the masses from beyond the broadway stages. But like many things, during a certain period, mainstream musicals became a thing of the past… However, American culture has a certain soft spot for bringing “fads” back to life. So, like many classics, mainstream musical was once again the new “in thing” like you’re mother’s hippie 70’s dress. If you could turn any movie into a musical, it most likely would happen. Some of them were successes on the broadway stage and others, let’s just say you probably didn’t know it was even made into a musical. Everything is constantly being reinvented and brought to a newer generation to appreciate. That’s how broadway does it, so now the film and television makers are doing the same. One show in particular has come out on top… And no, I’m not talking about High School Musical.

Three years ago, a television show created by Ryan Murphy (Nip/tuck), Brad Falchuk (Nip/tuck), Ian Brennan aired on the FOX network. This show became every music geek’s, including myself, dream  come true. I actually can’t vouch for other music geeks, but I know for me, it has been the best thing to come to primetime! Of course, I’m talking about GLEE!


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The New Sherlock is in Town.

Not only do I do some back seat gaming, but I like to watch T.V. shows, especially the sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, nerdy kind. Doctor Who is one of my big favorites at the moment, as you may know by now, but while the Doctor is on vacation, I decided to check out the new Sherlock. BBC’s 21st century take of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic. (That’s said in a British accent.) Is he even a Sir? I forget, but it sounds right. Maybe because it is.

A few weeks ago, I watched the first “installment,” (that’s what the BBC is calling it, more about that later,) titled “A Study in Pink.” No spoilers, so don’t worry. All I have to say is that I found the show very entertaining. Great cut scenes combined with Dexter like music with a British twist and funny little quirks, makes for some fun ahead. Benedict Cumberbatch, don’t know who he is? Well, google him. This alluring gent plays Sherlock and portrays him just as interesting as his own name. If you know anything about Sherlock the character than you know he’s the ass you just can’t seem to hate. You can’t seem to hate Cumberbatch. Heh heh heh…

At first, I thought the show was a little predictable. Okay, he uses a high level of deductive reasoning. We know this, we get it. But then we get to see and hear his deductive reasoning. What makes this more interesting and a bit humorous is that he’ll talk really fast, as if to show how fast his thought process is, and combined with fast cut scenes to show what he saw. BAM! BAM! BAM! You get it? I like how he’ll ask everyone around him if they saw it and how obvious it was and when they’re still clueless, he walks out and not tell them. Oh and not to forget to mention the font work for some quick descriptions that represent his thoughts, even when he’s not in the scene. For example, I love the scene where all the journalists at a police press conference gets mass texts and the word “Wrong!” pops up next to everyone in the scene. After each of the statements that the detectives make, bling, “Wrong!” Bling, ‘Wrong!” “Ignore the texts!” I also like the fact that I just googled “what font was used for new bbc sherlock show.” I like it even more that I found a thread on Ask MetaFilter called The Case of the Unknown Font. Gill Sans is in the winning.

What I enjoyed most about how Sherlock starts to unravel the cases, is that it’s not difficult to follow along with him. It’s not hard to figure out where his deductive reasoning is taking him, you, as a viewer, know what his next move will be even before it’s shown. I’m a detective like Sherlock now! SWEET! It’s pretty fun when I see a scene and think to myself, “I so get it! He’s going to think this way and that’s how he knows to do that.” I’m is smrt! He’s perdy. *_*

BBC Sherlock

Enter Watson! Played by actor, Martin Freeman! Yaaay! First thing I noticed. WOW! Martin Freeman is aging really nicely! Hahah No, seriously, he’s one of the few men who actually look better as they get older. Like George Clooney. Anywho, Watson, in this update is a war vet. A war doctor vet. A wounded in battle doctor vet! A wounded in battle doctor vet that has post traumatic stress!! Oh wait, that’s not so updated is it now…  What I like about this Watson is that it’s staying true to the Doyle Watson. Besides the recent Sherlock Holmes movie, Watson, to me at least, was always portrayed as Sherlock’s doormat, like he needed an actual warm body to speak to other than himself or thin air. BTW, Sherlock is still weird like that. The friendship and dynamic is there again, dear loyal Watson. Freemen plays a strong Watson, I’m looking forward to seeing more character development for him. I read that Matt Smith auditioned for the role and bombed horribly. I’m glad, because he’s currently the Doctor, as it should be.

Speaking of the Doctor, but completely related to Sherlock. The lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who is one of the master minds behind the new Sherlock. No wonder! I definitely felt a Doctor Who vibe going on. Especially from Sherlock himself.

So basically SHERLOCK is a mash of all your C.S.I. like shows, throw in a man who thinks and act like HOUSE and has the urges of Dexter. Yeah, Sherlock gets a kick out of dead bodies, especially if they were a part of a serial killing, which they all usually are.

The BBC aired three “installments” of Sherlock, each running 90 minutes, and the word on the street is, there’ll be more to come! I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! I know it could have been better but I know I would have done major spoilage. Trust me, it’s gooood!


Peace out!

WHOlia | The Gamer’s Girlfriend | Doctor Who Fangirl

Why Aren’t You Watching Already?!

Doctor Who is currently on its 29th season! Are you watching? Okay so technically it’s only the 6th season, but fans of the old and the new count it as the 29th. The hardcore fans know better. At any rate, the show is on it’s all time high. So jump on the bandwagon. It’s okay, really. We won’t call you names for watching now, because Doctor Who is a damn great show and everyone should be watching it!

For most geeks, you probably are watching the show. For those who haven’t seen or just started, here’s a short and nice 101 guide, without spoilers, for the new reboot. Don’t go reading Wikipedia or whatevs… It’ll just ruin stuff for you. Maybe. Continue reading

The Gamer’s Girlfriend

He calls me the back seat gamer. “Honey, why are you going that way? Honey, why did you do that? I think it’d work best if you jumped onto that ledge, shoot that thing down and then push that over. Honey, you just got killed. Play better. And then ask me if I wanted to play and I’d say, “No no, it’s okay. You do your thing.”

I am definitely a back seat gamer. Given the wheel, I’d drive off the cliff. A few days ago I decided to play Portal 2 co-op with my fiance. WTF. I have to use both of the analog sticks to move? Ugh! I suck at this. Eventually I found myself spinning my robot in circles looking at the ceiling… On purpose. Granted I still can’t walk a straight line, but it’s pretty fun to make portals on opposite walls and run through them in a constant loop. I’m better off in the back seat! I can help solve the puzzles and it’s best I just didn’t drive.

I have always stuck to RPGs, puzzles and strategy games. When it came to first person shooters or in this case, using BOTH analog sticks… No dice. First off, I get easily motion sick. LAME.

Dizzy by David Scheirer of Tuesday Comic

And secondly, I just plain suck at that kind of mechanics. There might be some exceptions… Maybe. I just can’t think of any at the moment. Katamari Damacy! Not an exception. It’s a double whammy! Okay, I may have some what better control of the ball, but the hell if I can stay stable enough to get through a stage without barfing up my tonkatsu chicken dinner! Okay, no, I don’t eat tonkatsu chicken, everyday. Maybe two days ago.

So, I’m usually sitting on the couch, right beside my fiance, during every game he’s ever played this past year and a half. Let me tell you this, there was a hell of a lot. Too many for me to remember, but ask him and he’ll name each one, and each one I played back seat. I think Portal 2 was the only game that he didn’t mind my back seat gaming. Two minds and two sets of eyes definitely helped to get through this game. Not to mention how good it feels when I figure out part of the puzzle that he didn’t get right away or didn’t even notice. Yes, it feels sooooo good, especially when he’s the, quote un-quote, gamer. I really can’t get anything by him. He’s listening to game podcasts 24/7 while playing a game. He’s playing one as I type this up!

Portal 2 by Valve

All I can do is notice the little things he doesn’t see. Point out a few things he could/should do differently. Even if he gets upset. But at the end of the game, who’s an awesome fiance for sitting next to him through the 24+ hours of game play a week? Me, that’s who. I’m the gamer’s girlfriend.

Next time, maybe I’ll talk about one of the games I back seat played.


Peace out!

WHOlia | The Gamer’s Girlfriend | Doctor Who Fangirl