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We Are The Music-Makers

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I don’t know about you, but I was a musical geek. If I could, I would live my life like a musical in a heartbeat. During my adolescence and teen years, I would often dance around singing about my life and as if it were a musical. I still remember being eleven and coming home from… Read more »

The New Sherlock is in Town.

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Not only do I do some back seat gaming, but I like to watch T.V. shows, especially the sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, nerdy kind. Doctor Who is one of my big favorites at the moment, as you may know by now, but while the Doctor is on vacation, I decided to check out the new Sherlock…. Read more »

Why Aren’t You Watching Already?!

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Doctor Who is currently on its 29th season! Are you watching? Okay so technically it’s only the 6th season, but fans of the old and the new count it as the 29th. The hardcore fans know better. At any rate, the show is on it’s all time high. So jump on the bandwagon. It’s okay,… Read more »

The Gamer’s Girlfriend

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He calls me the back seat gamer. “Honey, why are you going that way? Honey, why did you do that? I think it’d work best if you jumped onto that ledge, shoot that thing down and then push that over. Honey, you just got killed. Play better.” He’d then ask me if I wanted to… Read more »