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INTERVIEW: ‘Wet Bum’ Star Craig Arnold On Dynamic Role, Collaboration, The Blues and Aquaman

Craig ArnoldWe recently got a chance to talk to actor Craig Arnold, one of the leads in Lindsay Mackay’s upcoming film Wet Bum before it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Fest. In this interview Craig tells us a little bit about this coming of age picture, his take on his character Lukas, what drew him to this role, and he even shows us a little bit of his geeky side with what genre films he’d like to do in the future.

Check out this interview to learn more about the film Wet Bum and this up and coming talent!

Your next film Wet Bum is opening at TIFF, can you tell us a little bit about its story and the ideas it is aiming to share?

Its coming of age story about a fourteen year old girl named Sam who has to worry about the darker realities of life through a relationship with her swimming instructor and with a man who lives at the retirement home she volunteers at. Its about the adolescent experience and growing up but also deeper things like love, loss, death.

What drew you to the script and the decision to tackle your particular role?

Well the script actually it wasn’t like a totally linear story like the good guys against the bad guys, it was really more exploratory with characters. There are these three characters, Sam who is the fourteen year old girl played by Julia Sarah Stone, Ed played by Kenneth Welsh and Lukas played by myself-the swimming instructor and its all kinda weaved. They all have their own problems, they’re all dealing with different issues at this point in their lives. Sam was dealing with growing up and not developing as quickly as she’d like, Andrew’s dealing with the death of his wife and how to move on from that. The script made me think and you can linger over it and it doesn’t all necessarily hit you at once. So I liked it in that way, it was more exploring some nice themes instead of being a spectacle.

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Best of Fandom Valentines for 2014

Brace Yourselves, Valentine’s Day Cards are coming.

Okay, so the fandoms over on Tumblr have already begun rolling out some pretty hilarious Valentines.  No, really if these were really available they’d put Hallmark out of business. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones being reblogged from the cute feel inducing ones to the down right wrong! (But hilarious)

Hunger Games

(Source: primgoesboom)

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Childhood Life Ruiners: Wicked Phoenix Edition PART ONE

So what does a Geek Girl look for in a man exactly?

Wicked Phoenix reflects on the characters who have impacted her taste in men and how it may not be such a good thing.

Han Solo & Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford was pretty much the one who started it all, wasn’t he?

Yes him. More often than not we’ll pick Han over Luke.

WARNING: This post contains a large amount of images and gifs.

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Jessica Biel Returns to Scary Movies in “The Tall Man”

It’s been almost ten years since Jessica Biel last delved into the horror genre in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ­remake and now she returns in Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man. Biel plays Julia, a nurse who lives in an isolated town where children suddenly start being abducted by the ‘Tall Man’.

An entity whose legend exists in many cultures around the world, The Tall Man is always described by his height and featureless face and is known to take anyone he appears to, particularly children. While the fantastic cult hit Youtube series Marble Hornets’ explores the concept that The Slender Man (As he is also referred to) can take anyone, this feature focuses more on the original myths.

And who better to bring out the relevance of this legendary fable than Pascal Laugier?

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Trader Sam’s, the Awesome BadAss Bastard Child of The Tiki Room

So after many failed missions to go to the famed Trader Sam’s the interactive Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, where certain drinks allegedly made bar stools go down and Volcanoes erupt, my friends and I finally checked it out last week. Giselle, Quintein and I marveled at the ambiance of the place. It IS like a disneyland attraction but a BAR at the same time- Very much like the bad-ass child of the Tiki-Room. Trader Sam’s is also filled with many gifts and letters from friends such as Indiana Jones and one Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Quintein and I looked through the awesome island themed drinks, Giselle announced she was going to order a secret drink! THE NEVERLAND TEA!!!! Which if I had an android phone at the time I would’ve hopped right on the internet to look up the secret menu. I resolved to check it out as soon as I had a chance.

That night Quintein and I ordered the Uh-Oa! drink which came in a bowl set ABLAZE, the bar went dark, a volcano started to erupt as everyone joined in the “Uh-Oa!” chant while Quintein and I tossed nutmeg into the flames to make FIREWORKS!! Oh and it started raining in the bar.

That drink was so awesome, IT SET FIRE TO THE RAIN

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1313 is coming…

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd

Are you guys ready for Star Wars 1313?!?!?!

All y’all bounty hunter lovin fangirls and boys get ready to suit up and select your deadly arsenal to make your way through Level 1313. This third person action-adventure gives us the opportunity to hunt down our marks in the  gritty underground world of Coruscant while uncovering the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy.

1313 promises to feature a combination of agile cover-based combat, epic platforming and seamless playable cinematic game play that will put players in the shoes of the yet unnamed bounty hunter. (Please give us an Assasin’s Creedesque Boba Fett origin story)

More details are set to be revealed during E3.

Look out for a part two to this article. This Defective Geek will be previewing the game next week and promises a report with more details!!!


AVENGERS PRESS JUNKET: DDR, Man Soup, and Stroking Hawkeye’s Bow

Get ready for May 4th cause the Fourth is strong with The Avengers.

Greetings readers! Sabina AKA Wicked Phoenix here, sending her first transmission for Defective Geeks! A couple weeks ago, I got invited to The Avengers press junket and after writing my feature for Campus Circle, I found that there was so much material to share and geek out over with y’all.

Where to begin?

Ah-yes Robert Downey Jr. That man is Tony Stark or is Tony Stark just an extension or RDJ? He totally pulled an “I am Iron Man” moment when he announced, “Yeah, and not to keep you guessing, but we’re actually not done shooting. We are shooting one more scene tonight. Not kidding.”

That’s not exactly a spoiler, but since the premiere cut of the Avengers clocked in at roughly two-hours and a half, this news definitely a surprise to hear. During the second panel Joss was asked if Robert was kidding and he replied, “He’s Robert.  Of course, he’s kidding.”  (But apparently-NOT.  Many other news sources have confirmed that they did shoot an additional scene.)

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