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Jerry Robinson (1922-2011)

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It was Sunday of San Diego Comic Con 2009. All of us were tuckered out, as tends to be the case of the last day of Comic Con. We had gotten little sleep because we had to pack and check out of the hotel. I remember thinking to myself that this year’s SDCC had been… Read more »

‘Burn Notice’ – A New Day Vol. 2

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Burn Notice: A New Day volume 2, a digital comic series based on the television show, was released last week. Chapter One: “Open Water” was written by Ryan Johnson and Peter Lalayanis with art by Tony Shasteen. Burn Notice is actually a really good show and I’ve only started watching season one recently. My main… Read more »

‘Batman: Year One’ Trailer

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Finally, a trailer has been released for the animated version of Frank Miller’sĀ Batman: Year One. Batman: Year One was the first Batman comic I ever read, so this is a project I’ve been really looking forward to. The animated movie features the voices of Benjamin McKenzie (Batman), Bryan Cranston (Gordon), Eliza Dushku (Catwoman), and Katee… Read more »

Webcomic Review: The Beast Legion

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Lithopia… a land of immense natural beauty ruled by the covenant of Kings of the Minos faction for centuries. But not too long ago, the land was under the threat of a dark force known as the Shadow Nexus. It was the brave efforts of King Vokan and the last of the Wizards that banished… Read more »