Comic Book: Stained

STAINED introduces us to a bounty hunter named Emma. She is tough, snarky and isn’t afraid of making bad life decisions in general. Her body is also mostly made of metal.

Is she part robot? The first issue doesn’t explain how she got her body or why. We do see her kick a lot of ass!

We are mostly introduced to how she navigates her world and we see her go up against criminals who are bigger and badder than she is. The story is gritty with only a dash of Emma’s dry sense of humor in the dialogue. I love that Emma is a little scary, perhaps not quite lovable but someone you want to respect… from afar. You just hope you don’t get on her bad side.

The artwork of the book is fantastic and the action sequences are strong. The character designs are a lot of fun— Emma is pretty bad ass. And interesting. And cool. I want to know how she got her metal body, dangit! TELL ME HER STORY!

Comic book readers who are looking for a new, different book to read about a woman who has a shady moral code and shiny weapons… STAINED is for you.

STAINED is written by David Baron and illustrated by Yusuf Idris. It will be available on May 3, 2017 from 451 Entertainment. Make sure to let your local comic book stores to order copies!

Comic Book Nostalgia: The Archie Reboot


In 2015, Archie will be “rebooted” with Mark Weid and one of my favorite artist, Fiona Staples to celebrate its 75th anniversary. When I came across this on my newsfeed on Twitter, my brain pretty much imploded. I grew up on Archie comics. For awhile, I really latched onto the world, going back and forth between Team Betty and Team Veronica and then deciding that everyone sucks except for Jughead. I must have absorbed plenty of life lessons from reading millions of Archie books.

So yes, I’m a bit excited to see the new look for the comic book and for this relaunch!

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Comics, Its What’s For Dinner

All of us geeks know a few things about comics and love to find a new diamond in the rough when the occasion presents itself. I’m fortunate enough to also have a fiancé who knows my taste in graphic novels and surprises me every few months with something new for me to obsess over. This was how I was introduced to the comic Irredeemable written by Mark Waid first drawn by Peter Krause and then taken over by father and son team Diego and Eduardo Barreto. I also became a HUGE fan of Brian K. Vaughn after reading Y:The Last Man and sought out the new on-going series Saga written by Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples. Both titles have not disappointed.


Irredeemable just recently ended, but since I’ve been following it in trade paperbacks I’ve been behind on my reading, and I was only recently able to catch up with the story and devour it a week ago.

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: ‘All Crime’ and ‘Dames in the Atomic Age’

All Crime is a story about the frailty of friendship when up against the selfishness of love. The book is written by Art of Fiction, with cover art from Bruce Timm and illustrated by Ed Laroche and Marc Sandroni. The panels on the first page jumps right into a violent scene of a man committing a gruesome murder hit. Quickly, the story is established as a mob or gang story. The main character, Dodger, wants to kill a supposedly powerful mob leader, Louie Derose.

Then the tale jumps into the past, establishing the relationships between the two men and a woman.

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Expiration Date #1

“Our ability to achieve near immortality through the eradication of all disease and the cloning of human organs has bred an entirely new threat to the survival of mankind. Overpopulation has brought the human race to the brink of near extinction. Now, more than ever, a program of governed population control must be considered. It is time we realized it is not the quantity of our life that matters, but the quality of it.” 

It is the year 2496 and the population of the United States has reached 8.6 billion. Every human being, by law, is implanted with an SY-9 chip. This chip controls overpopulation by activating at random and “expiring” the host. In so many words, it kills them. One day, a rising politician vows to end the reign of the SY-9 chips, but then sadly “expires” on the brink of his popularity. The investigation of his death begins to unravel a dark and devious conspiracy. This is the world of Expiration Date. 

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COMIC REVIEW: Zombie Outlaw

I always a enjoy a fun zombie romp and Zombie Outlaw is certainly a fun read from writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan. The story starts at the library where main character, Matt, is introduced swooning over his crush, K.T. Delaney. When Matt returned to the library with his pal, Will, he thought Will would help him win K.T. over on a date perhaps. Instead, Will uncovers a dark secret living underneath the library — the Zombie Outlaw, the Legendary Living Dead Cowboy.

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REVIEW: ‘Five Pounds & Screaming’ a Comic Book Journey to Parenthood

Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from Shawn Brook Williams, the creator of the graphic novel entitled Five Pounds & Screaming. I heard about his book on an advertisment through Kevin Smith’s SModcast Internet Radio and it made an impression on me because I am a fan of slice-of-life stories in comic book format. I had made a mental note to check out the book once. Which is why I was thrilled that Shawn not only wanted to advertise on our website but he also sent us a copy of of the book.

Although this may sound like a cliché, I can’t help but start this review with: this book was made with a lot (and I mean a LOT) of love. At every turn of the page I found myself smiling. The story is simple and linear but finds depth in its honesty.

In just the first few pages, Shawn conveyed the struggle of the main characters, Ben and Eliza, as they tried to get pregnant. I immediately undersood their strong desire to start a family and have children together. With very minimum dialogue or explanation the reader was given the impression that they’ve experienced the disappointment of a negative result from the pregnancy test more than just once. The drawn interaction of the couple with each other showed their love and perseverance. Their past or history, whatever life they had previously, didn’t matter at all because at that moment– during in that particular time of their lives– the reader is already on their side.

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