“I’m Mara Layil. My life… well, it’s… complicated. I’m not a vampire, zombie or witch. Please– give me some credit. But it’s just screwed up. Maybe more. The only way to understand is to listen. Believe it– or don’t– not my problem either way. The beginning of the end started with my grandfather, Christopher Layil. And the death of a fallen angel.”

– Angel Punk, Issue #0

I kind of consider it a lucky deal when people give me comic books. During San Diego Comic Con this year, Jake Rossman from Relium Media handed me copies of their new series, Angel Punk. The series was created by Scott Nelson, Kevin Curry, and Devon Lyon and the graphic novel artwork was by Val Mayerik.

The series revolves around Mara Layil who discovers a deep family connection with the supernatural and angels. You get the impression from the comic that this story is of a larger– or as they say, epic scale. It has to be a big deal if it involved angels, right? (That’s what I’ve experienced from my other fandoms, that’s for sure.) In issue #0, Mara is introduced as somewhat of a troublesome girl from an established family. We see her inside juvenile hall and she is freely giving people the middle finger– a tough, blonde girl from a rich family? It was a little hard to relate to this girl to be honest. I suppose it would be easier to sympathize with her situation once more of her history is revealed.

Still, it was a good way to give us a broad hint of what type of personality Mara Layil had. She probably didn’t take much bullshit from people. She probably could kick ass pretty well if she spent time in juvee (we’re not sure how long she was in there). I wonder if she has any supernatural abilities? The story jumped between her and the antagonists of the story. Which included important and suspicious looking people in expensive suits and a creepy old woman that hisses when she spoke.

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