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Book Review: The Consummata

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I don’t normally read books with women on the front who look like that. The women on my books generally have a lot more layers. Bodice, crinoline, underdress, overdress, Spencer jacket, bonnet…you get the idea. So, I was a bit dubious about this scantily clad woman. But, as it turns out, the old saying is… Read more »

NYPDM: A Web Series With Bite (Pardon the Pun)

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At one point during Comic Con I walked by a table that had dozens upon dozens of postcards on it advertising different comics, movies, and TV shows. I glanced over all of them and then came across one that stood out. It said, “N Y P D M. It takes a monster to catch one.” I… Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Frail’ by Joan Frances Turner

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Frail is Book 2 of Joan Frances Turner‘s The Resurgam Trilogy. In Frail, we follow Amy’s story in a post-apocalyptic world, devastated by a plague. In the beginning, there were zombies. Then the disease came that made everyone hungry. No matter what they ate– food, objects, their own children, etc.– their hunger were unsatisfied. It… Read more »

Great Halloween Movies: ‘Dog Soldiers’

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Picture it: A group of soldiers are on a routine military exercise in the wilderness of Scotland. Everything is fine and dandy, until they find a rival group completely slaughtered with only one survivor babbling total nonsense. They soon discover that what committed this gruesome act was not man, but a deadlier foe who is… Read more »

Great Halloween Movies: ‘Waxwork’

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Halloween is my favorite holiday out of the year. The way most children feel about the holidays is the way I’ve always felt about Halloween. One of the many things I have loved about this holiday is that for the whole month of October different channels would have horror movie marathons. AMC had “Monster Fest”,… Read more »