Blog Tour: Snow White & Me

ThatRisenSnow—Guest Post by Rob E. Boley, author of That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Zombies

It seemed like an appropriately authorly technique to start this post by reminiscing about my first memory of the iconic character Snow White. The thing is, my memory sucks.

I do vaguely recall sitting in my childhood bedroom and playing with seven dwarf figures that my parents bought for me on one of our first trips to Disney World. The dwarfs weren’t very exciting—just frozen hunks of painted plastic with no articulation.

My first clear recollection of the lady herself was actually a parody from the 1980 comedy 9 to 5, in which three fed-up co-workers, played by Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda, enact revenge on their sexist boss, Franklin Hart, played by Dabney Coleman. In one memorable dream sequence, the three ladies get high and share their wild fantasies for killing Hart. In Tomlin’s story, she assumes the role of a chipper Snow White, complete with animated birds and fairy tale music. Tomlin plays the scene with the perfect amount of wicked glee and tongue-in-cheek innocence as she poisons Hart’s coffee. The scene not only played with the notion of a male-dominated workplace, but also the role of the stereotypical passive fairy tale princess.

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My Fandom and Long Beach Collide by Stephanie Pacheco

It’s no secret I’m addicted, possibly in love, with watching TV shows on my fancy DVR at home in between procrastinating on my wedding planning. More recently I’ve become infatuated with spotting places filmed in my current home town of Long Beach, CA on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s True Blood.  I grew up in Los Angeles and watched film crews invade my old neighborhood from time to time, and I revel in it every single time! I use to work in Downtown Los Angeles during college and I would sneak out of the office to watch film crews and their trailers take over the vacant business district on the weekends, and try to spot a celebrity in between takes. This is why it’s so thrilling to recognize all those places I walk or drive by daily in a city I consider my second home, Long Beach. I annoy my fiancé and roommate all the time with my pointy finger wagging at the television saying where the scene was filmed in Los Angeles or Long Beach at least once a week.

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A Geeky Wedding Tutorial by Stephanie Pacheco

I’ve learned a lot of things within the last nine months about the ups and downs of planning a wedding, and trying to make it unique to you. Nowadays it’s a lot easier, and more common place to hear about newlyweds creating their own geeky wedding. Which is great! However, there are also a lot of unforeseen complications with friends and family reacting to your…personal style. These are just a few tips, and personal observations, from a geeky lady who never thought she would have to plan a wedding.


For the record, my fiance and I love both of our families. Second, we are poor as sh*%, and don’t really have funds to help pay for a wedding. Third, our families have been amazingly supportive and offered to help create the wedding our dreams. They just didn’t know it would involve no real flowers, DIY decorations, dyed hair, tattoos, and non-uniformed wedding decorations. No pastels?! Gasp! When the parents heard our wedding colors were red and black they looked like someone stole their favorite toy. His mother is still trying to convince me that real flowers for the bride are just appropriate. Did I mention we’re making paper roses out of several different types of paper products?  Including my bouquet? Amazing, right? Not to the Mom’s. In the beginning my fiance and I came up with a few creative ideas for our wedding like a Steam Punk theme or a cute video game themed wedding cake. Who doesn’t want a Super Mario wedding cake?! Not to the Mom’s. Which brings me to my number one rule…

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Lady Geek Spotlight: Regina McMenomy, ‘My Life as a Geek’

Regina is a writer, a podcaster and a gamer and runs a blog over at She encourages intelligent and fun conversations about video games on her website and podcast — so if you’re a gamer (girl or boy!), you should check her out. Read her guest blog for us below to get an idea of her journey into the academic world as a Lady Geek.

— — —

I am not sure when I was first called a geek. It was probably when I was pretty young. I had my glasses, my books, and my video games, each something that defines me as a geek.

One of the most important aspects of geek culture and of defining myself as a geek is that it allows me a certain amount of freedom that other titles don’t allow. I can enthusiastically love the things I love, without shame or questioning. Even when I was younger and realized how different I was from many around me, constantly choosing the fantasy worlds books offered me over mindless TV watching, I knew who I was and was comfortable with that. I knew I was different and I didn’t care. That’s a pretty powerful thing.

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Lady Geek Spotlight: Annie Violet, Sexy Geek Model, Tolkien Lover

Annie Violet and I found each other on Twitter. When I first saw her Twitter profile, I admit it – I almost dismissed her as a spambot mostly because she had a super sexy photo on her profile (sorry Annie! Don’t judge by their profile photos, kids). But something made me take a pause and I decided to read a bulk of what she had written on Twitter. I quickly realized this girl was one of my Lady Geek sisters.

I  try to not judge other women who work in a certain industry. I judge them by their character and Annie and I have always had pleasant Twitter encounters – like getting excited about The Hobbit trailer. In other words, she’s a sweetheart. A Lady Geek has every right to take her clothes off in front of the camera and still be allowed to read the Lord of the Rings between takes. Dammit. Can’t blame a lady when she has a cute bum that the world needs to see. In this interview, Annie talks about the dichotomy of her work as a model and her nerdy side.

Read our interview below.

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Lady Geek Spotlight: ‘Little Vampires’ Creator, Rebecca Hicks

I met Rebecca at Geek Girl Con 2011 in Seattle and she is so funny and talented. Rebecca created the popular web comic, Little Vampires, about little 7-inch (or less) vampires who try to be as fierce and frightening as the big vampires. Except, they are just too darn cute. Rebecca illustrates art and creates all kinds of merchandise to sell at different conventions around the country. She talks about her project and her convention experiences below in her spotlight interview. Trust me, this woman is the person to ask when it comes to sitting at a table at convention’s exhibit halls.

Art by Rebecca for

DEFECTIVEGEEKS: Tell us about your web comic ‘Little Vampires’ and what inspired the concept? Why did you start this webcomic?

REBECCA HICKS: The Little Vampires webcomic is about a group of miniature monsters that try really hard to be big and fierce but fail spectacularly at it. The focus of the comic is their misadventures, but it’s also about their friendship with Wolfie (a little wolfman), Frank (a little Frankenstein’s monster), and other little monsters, none of whom sparkle. There is no sparkling. Little monsters, big fun, no sparkling. Unless they cover themselves in glitter.

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Blog Tour: Piper Maitland’s ‘Acquainted With the Night’

We are excited to present to you a guest blog written by author, Piper Maitland, about her main character from ‘Acquainted With the Night.’ – an epic story about immortality and the fate of mankin. There are very frightening vampires and very sexy characters. Read more below to find out what her book is about.

Contest! We are also giving away ONE copy of her book. TO ENTER:  Leave a comment with your e-mail/twitter/facebook or any way we can contact you if you are picked as the winner! Contest ends Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011.

Without further ado, please enjoy Piper Maitland’s blog.

Caro Clifford: the Flawed Heroine

“Well behaved women rarely make history.”
–Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, historian and author

Grey isn’t a color you will ever see in Greek Orthodox art—medieval artists lived and worked in a black-and-white world. But shades of grey are vital when it comes to building a modern fictional heroine. When I began writing Acquainted With the Night, I wanted Caro Grimaldi Clifford to be a fundamentally flawed heroine. She doesn’t always say the right thing, nor does she always act heroically. I knew it would be risky, but I was tired of playing it safe with my characters. As Caro came to life, her personality traits became layered, with room for her character to grow in the second book.

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All That’s Lisa Foiles Enlightens You: The Top 10 Reasons To Attend Comikaze Expo

by Lisa Foiles

Look, I know what you’re thinking: “Lisa Foiles isn’t qualified to write a Top 10 list! She’s only good at Top 5 lists, like on her Internet show called ‘Top 5 with Lisa Foiles,’ which was awesome until she canceled it and made all of her fans super cranky!”

Well, I’ll have you know that the number ‘10’ is, mathematically speaking, twice the number ‘5.’ So, in mathematical terms, this list could potentially be TWICE as awesome as one of my normal Top 5 lists. Sure, there’s no silly video and you have no idea if I’m wearing a cute outfit while typing this or not, but I assure you – Comikaze Expo has so many awesome events and special guests to talk about, this list practically writes itself.

photo by Comikaze Expo

Sit back, relax, pour yourself a non-alcoholic beverage if you’ll be driving or are a child, and get ready to purchase wheelbarrow-loads of $12 Comikaze tickets, because this list is the most convincing piece of “journalism” you’ll read all day:

#10. Comic books, comic books, comic books!

Comikaze is ALL about comics: The event will have a DC presence, as well as all of the best indie publishers. We’re talking over 200 vendors! That’s a significantly large 3-digit number! And with Comikaze’s $12 tickets, you’ll have plenty of moneyz leftover for shopping.

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