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Want Us to Blog or Podcast About YOU?

Do you have a project, book, movie, etc. that you think we’ll be interested in? Please, contact us and we’ll put you on our blog or our podcast! We can do a written interview or a podcast interview/promotion for you. For FREE! As long as we love what you’re doing, that is. Good thing we tend to love everyone who likes us!

Wanna Book Us?

We’d love to go to your event/party/convention/geeky-related-stuff! Hit us up with an e-mail with the information (or send a facebook invite!). We are available to do press coverages for our blog and podcast– or just be your guests. We’re pretty fun when we’re not hiding out in our Geek Caves. We live in the Los Angeles and London area.

Wanna Advertise With Us?

Hit us up with a e-mail. We’ll talk. We’ll make deals. We won’t require your souls either. Not yet anyways! Advertising on both the blog and the podcast is available.