Monday, September 14, 2009

Where's the "Leave Megan Fox Alone!" Youtube Video?

I have no special love for Megan Fox, though I will be the first to agree that she's beautiful! I love pretty girls in movies just as much as the next person, what can I say. People has dubbed her as the next Angelina Jolie, which I actually did scoff at. I'm a big Jolie fan and I believe in Jolie's mad acting skills. Megan Fox is a whole lot of hotness on screen, but her acting skills are mediocre (though I am sure there will be plenty of space for improvement as her career blossoms).

There is a supposed Michael Bay vs. Megan Fox feud, which Bay immediately patched up with a quick comment on his website. Apparently, Megan's trailer trash way is part of her charm!

Look kids. You can't expect the pretty faces on screen to be angels. Megan Fox has earned her fame. Transformers are not my most favorite film, but I sure enjoy watching it! Though I have yet to see the second one... d'oh! And all you geeks trying to make her out to be like one of us-- give it up! Megan is only milking us for all our worth because she's getting hefty jobs doing these nerdy, Comic-Con worthy movies.

She may or may not be an asshole, but that doesn't mean she won't be making entertaining movies. Relax, guys... let's just enjoy her dumb comments and appreciate the humor :)

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

iFly! We Fly!

My department at work were given gift certificates for a session of indoor skydiving via iFly Hollywood at Universal City Walk! It is basically a skydive stimulation without the risk of jumping off an airplane and having a parachute mishap...

iFly @ Universal City Walk

iFly @ Universal City Walk

It's kind of an experience to have-- it wasn't an easy thing to get used to for me! In fact, even after going twice inside the man-made wind tunnel, I can't say I'll be doing somersaults any time soon while "floating" in air. The blast of air inside the tunnel is pretty nuts and trying to control your body while afloat is even more nuts!

Our more athletic co-worker had the best form in the end, while the slobs like myself had a harder time. It was definitely all about body formation, and the smallest thing can change the way you are floating around. I hit that glass wall a few times, I will admit! In otherwise, I totally sucked at it.

But hey, it's kind of neat, kind of a nerdy thing to finally experience what it's like to fly-- or in my case, get thrown around by really strong wind... ha! At least they know how to capture your better moments on film!

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