Monday, February 09, 2009

Shine Like a Diamond!

This past Saturday, Japan LA and Royal/T collaborated on a themed party called 'Diamond in the Sky', or "SHINY PARTY!" for short. I love the Royal/T space and it was a lot of fun to see people dressed up in glitter, sequins and various other shiny materials. The djs got everybody dancing and the dance circles were definitely one of my favorite things from that night!

Japan LA set up a temporary store inside the cafe, and built a tower of Hello Kitty! (seen in above photo) It became a popular back drop for photo ops.

It didn't get as crowded as I thought it would, which is kind of a good thing-- but there were definitely enough people that showed up to call it a pretty fabulous party.

Shiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T Cafe

They were serving some party food and I had the vegetable quesidilla and the beef skewers. The quesidilla was my favorite and I also had a pomegranate martini. I did a sake shot with a friend, who ended up almost dying from it! You know your friends love you when they're willing to die just to make you happy (since I demanded she do it with me!). Even my boyfriend had fun, admitting that he would never have known about these types of events if it weren't for me. I made him a shiny, silk vest to match my dress.

Shiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T CafeShiny Party @ Royal-T Cafe

We didn't leave until the party actually ended and the boyfriend and I headed to Johnny's pastrami on Sepulveda for a late, late night dinner. We ordered a pastrami sandwich to split between us (they're huge), french fries and a slice of apple pie. Best way to end the night!

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