Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shut the F*** Up, Lucie J. Kim!

I hate it when people fight the wrong fights.

It really gets to me when there are more important things in this world in terms of Asian racial issues in the world, but everyone is focused on Hannah Montana taking one picture making "chinky" eyes with her friends. Even though an Asian boy was present in the photo even, clearly making it a "goofing around with friends" photo.

I totally get how this could be "damaging" since Hannah Montana is a popular idol among children. I get how we should be concerned how young people who looks up to her are going to may be get the wrong idea on how they should act around their little Asian friends. I get it. But Hannah Montana isn't responsible for how these children are raised. It is up to their parents to teach them enough to differentiate from right and wrong... it's not the job of a fucking Disney show!

But blowing this out of proportion is NOT the answer. Miley Cyrus may be a gazillionaire, but she is a kid. Kids are allowed to do stupid things, and it's awful for people to punish a kid over one small mistake, one sign of dumb goofiness. If that's the case, can I get thousands of dollars for every single offense I've felt from the whole of humanity, please?

Lucie J. Kim, why don't you use your resources on more important issues? Get out of the wacky celebrity realm and do something meaningful for the Asian community.

Margaret Cho, stop getting so offended over everything when you yourself make a living out of offending people. Hypocritical, much?

I'm rooting for you, Hannah Montana!

I'll make my eyes chinkier in your honor!

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