Friday, November 13, 2009

Got my Gyaru On

THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night
Photo by HI HI CARO!

Went to ZIPPERCUT's Japanology Hello Kitty/Gyaru chapter briefly last Wednesday night! Felt a little strange in my attempt to emulate the gyaru style-- good enough for the first (last??) attempt, I suppose? Unfortunately, I didn't get to stay long and take as many photos that night.

The event was already well on its way by the time I got there. The hair stylists and make-up aritsts were busy making girls look pretty. I sat in at the beginning of the gyaru lecture by the guest speaker. I wished my headache/ill feelings didn't overcome me so I could have sat through the whole slideshow lecture... this is one of those Japanese subcultures that has always interested me, but I've never taken the time to delve into its full history. It's a strange dynamic of Japanese women attempting to take back some 'power' in a society where women were expected to be subservient. In a way, they are taking what was expected of them and turning it against the social standards! I've always found Japan's extreme rebellions quite interesting... but somehow, it all goes back to a large, fashion movement.

THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night

Small collection of photos HERE!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cirque du so Lame - not so lame!

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

I went to my first hosted party at the Royal-T Cafe in Culver City. As I expected, it turned out to be a pretty fabulous event, albeit the place got a little crowded! Which is a sign of a successful party, of course. I had to miss the Bob Baker show, unfortunately, because there was no way of penetrating the crowd at the back of the restaurant by the time I arrived.

Of course, the usual creative group of ladies were present, like Michelle aka chubby bunny (she sells hand made bows which are available at Royal-T! Super cute!), who created her entire outfit from scratch.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Fiery red babe, True Mee (aka yume ninja), customized her costume-- hottest lion tamer of all circus town? I think so!

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Jenny, from what I've heard, made her entire costume in ONE day! Below is a photo of her with Julie (aka smiley squid) who is a dress making extra-ordinaire. They both looked super-gorgeous that night.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Sheyne's monkey box was a big hit that night! She even had a bear on drums, which became my favorite that night (though sadly, I didn't get a photo of it!)

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

Cirque du so Lame // royal-t

In other words, if you want to meet and mingle with some of the most creative people in town, you can definitely find them at the next themed party at Royal-T.

Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t
Cirque du so Lame // royal-tCirque du so Lame // royal-t

Check out all my photos on flickr!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cirque du so Lame

Another week, another Royal-T/Zippercut event!

I don't plan to be anything exciting, but I'll be armed with my camera.

More info at!

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