‘Burn Notice’ – A New Day Vol. 2

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Burn Notice: A New Day volume 2, a digital comic series based on the television show, was released last week. Chapter One: “Open Water” was written by Ryan Johnson and Peter Lalayanis with art by Tony Shasteen.

Burn Notice is actually a really good show and I’ve only started watching season one recently. My main motivation to watch is Bruce Campbell, of course, daddy of all geek studs. Although, my favorite character has to be Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar) – smart, sexy and kick your behind so hard your ancestors will weep! I love how crazy she is with her “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude.


Tim Burton Exhibit at the LACMA

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I finally managed to make my way to the Tim Burton Exhibit at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). I don’t consider myself a giant Tim Burton fan although I do enjoy a lot (but not all) of his movies, including Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.

LACMA is definitely one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles. It has a wonderful variety from all its permanent collection as well as interesting revolving shows. The drive is a little bit of a pain for me but it’s worth it for the occasional visits. Plus, there are usually food trucks across the street and lots of really good restaurants at a walking distant. Anyways, I knew this particular exhibit had proven to be quite popular and since our annual membership included a free ticket to the gallery, my  boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of it. We didn’t anticipate the long line to get into the exhibit inside the Resnick Pavillion but thankfully, the line moved along pretty quickly. We must have waited a maximum 20 minutes to get in.

It was worth the wait!


CONTEST: ‘White Collar’ Prize Pack Giveaway!

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It’s been almost two months since the midseason finale of White Collar, and many of us are still recovering from that jaw-dropping cliffhanger. To help relieve the pain of waiting until next January for new episodes (sob), we’re giving away some seriously awesome White Collar swag!

Check it out:

1) ‘White Collar’ Season 1 and 2 on DVD
2) Custom ‘White Collar’ nylon bag
3) Jack Spade wallet

Wanna know how you can win?


INTERVIEW: Alisa Reyes, Excited for ‘All That’ Reunion

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Many of us (at least people my age) grew up watching a lot of Nickelodeon and we all remember All That, a live-action comedy sketch show that mimicked Saturday Night Live– except it was for kids! I’ve spent a lot of afternoons watching the show and giggling. Many of the former All That cast members are reuniting for the first time at Comikaze Expo. How fun is it to see all of them all ‘grown up’ as well?

Alisa Reyes, one of All That‘s child star and now currently gorgeous actress with shows like NYPD Blue and Boston Public on her growing resumé, will be at the convention as a guest of honor.

Seriously though, how pretty is she? Not only is she super busy acting on screen, Alisa has also done many voices for animated shows. Plus, she is also writing, singing and producing movies! She certainly have come a long way since her Nickelodeon years. For your chance to see Alisa in person, along with Kel Mitchell, Lisa Folies, Katrina Johnson, Jack DeSena and many more, please join us at Comikaze Expo on November 5th and 6th this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Alisa was very kind to take the time and answer some questions for Defective Geeks.

How excited are you to have an ‘All That’ reunion at Comikaze Expo? Are you surprised by the amount of fans who have responded postiively to the event?

REYES: It’s truly amazing. The fans from day one is what makes the show what it still is today. All That is currently airing on Teen Nick right now because they petitioned to get it back on the air. The show has been a hit for a decade and being a part of the original cast is an honor. I am not at all surprised by all the love and support because its been like that since the beginning. When you have a generation that loves this type of show, then it’s an uphill journey of nothing but love. That’s why I am so psyched to do this expo.


The Hoff, Master of Disaster in Burnout Crash!

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When you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to David Hasselhoff… think again. The former Baywatch actor turned reality TV show star is now the celebrity figure behind EA’s Burnout Crash! campaign. They’ve released this pretty crazy commercial that is gradually making its rounds around the internet. I mean, who doesn’t want to see The Hoff act all wacky? I think the video will speak for itself.

I know. No words can quite express all the visuals from the 2-minute long commercial. The game is available on both the Playstation Network and XBox LIVE Arcade. The game itself looks fun to play during parties or with a big group of friends hanging out. I’m sure most of us will wish that The Hoff would show up and say the line: “Time to get plucked.”


INTERVIEW: Jo Treggiari, author of ‘Ashes, Ashes’

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Ashes, Ashes focuses on survivor, Lucy “Lucky” Holloway, a teenage girl. While an epidemic killed her entire family and most of humanity, Lucy avoided becoming sick and dying from the plague. Then when natural disaster decided to wipe out what was left of human civilization, she still found a way to live.

Despite all the loss she had suffered through Lucy is still very much a teenager, clumsy and insecure. All on her own she found the courage to keep waking up every day with just a single survival guide to tell her how to live. It is lonely and brutal. Lucy thought she would have to keep hiding and scavenging for what little food was left for the rest of her life, however long that may be.

Then one day she met another survivor, a teenage boy named Aidan. Lucy had an aversion to other people and had trouble trusting them. In the end, people need other people and faith pushes Lucy to Aidan’s direction. She joins a community of other survivors where she learns again what it was like to live and work with other people. She also faces her fears, finds deeper courage and new truths begin to unravel. Is there hope for human beings to survive?

Ashes, Ashes is a dark imagining of what could happen to our world and exposes the fragility of human beings. The author, Jo Treggiari  hones in to a world that gave you a feeling of: this could happen. Yes, I do recommend you read the book especially if you like young adult dystopian novels. It is very well written and the touch of suspense will definitely hook you. I love that the female main character is honest. Even though I am way past the age, she felt like a true teenager and someone relatable despite the extreme situation she is in.

I love Jo and I “twitter” with her constantly. I finally asked her to do an interview for the blog and was delighted that she said yes!