Ep. 34 Podcast Fun Time Now

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Our passion for all things geek fun time now! Yes, the Lady Geeks do talk about SNL’s “J-Pop America Fun Time Now” and how the skit is pretty damn accurate. Admit it, you weeaboos. We talk a little about the Avengers trailer, Ed Norton’s love for the Hulk and Joss Whedon. Fanfic Theatre involves Goku, Anne Frank and Hitler.

TRAVEL: Seattle, a Quick Trip

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My trip to Geek Girl Con this year was my first time in Seattle, Washington. I wished I could have had an extra full day to sight-see but I did get a quick walking tour of downtown on our way from our hotel to The Crab Pot. The walk took us maybe a good half an hour or more but I am all gungho about taking advantage of a walking city.

Seattle 2011

We didn’t get to see the Public Market Center while it was actually opened. Too bad because I heard they threw fish at each other. Or something.


Book Review: The Consummata

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Book Cover

I don’t normally read books with women on the front who look like that. The women on my books generally have a lot more layers. Bodice, crinoline, underdress, overdress, Spencer jacket, bonnet…you get the idea. So, I was a bit dubious about this scantily clad woman. But, as it turns out, the old saying is right: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The Consummata is actually a sequel. The first book was written in the 1960s and for various reasons the manuscript for the sequel never got published, until now. But, you don’t need to have read the first one to enjoy the second.

The Consummata follows the adventures of Morgan The Raider. Yes, that really is his name. It seems silly writing it here, but in the context of the book, it works. Morgan has been framed for a heist and now the feds are after him to get back their money. One of the feds is his wife, whom he married for a cover story on his last mission with the government. They actually ended up falling in love, but when he escaped from the goverment they decided to end contact to keep her job safe.

Morgan is now on the run in Miami when he falls in with some Cuban rebels (this is 1960s, remember, Cuba was newly communist and this pissed off a lot of people). They’ve been robbed of their savings to help other Cuban refugees and they need Morgan’s help to get it back.

The entire book feels like a Humphrey Bogart detective film noir with a little bit of Die Hard. Buildings explode, there’s a high end brothel, kinky sex, and double agents. The writing is very smooth, which is why even though some of it sounds cliche or silly, it works when you’re reading the book. My imagination quite happily started filling all the characters in with various actors and high contrast lighting.

The only downside is, having read a lot of mystery novels and all the mystery shows, I saw the end coming quite early on. But, I don’t see that as a big issue as I was enjoying the characters and the writing too much to really care. The pacing kept things moving and I never felt it was dragging its feet over anything.

I’d definitely recommend the book.

Geek Girl Con 2011: Not Just for Girls

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Geek Girl Con 2011When Geek Girl Con was first announced over the online geek community, the reactions were quite mixed. Of course, “the haters” were very much present and vocalized their distaste for a convention claiming to be a “geek girls only” club. Not quite sure why people are so allergic with the wold “girl” or “girls” but it was interesting to see the whole situation play out.

The convention’s vice president, Tammy Vince Cruz, connected with me via twitter about a year ago and we began chatting. She kept hinting that I needed to come out for the convention until I eventually broke down and purchased a flight to Seattle. I personally dug the idea, obviously. I love their mission statement: to raise awareness of how women are involved in every aspect of geek culture, whether it be Star Wars, comic books or science and math.

Geek Girl Con was one of the best conventions I’ve attended in a long time. I will write more  about this convention with better photos but for now, here’s my Geek Girl Con highlights as told by photos from my phone.


Halloween Craft – Other ideas

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I’ve got one more Halloween project up my sleeve for this month, but while I’m finishing that, I thought I’d post some other patterns that I wish I had time to do or just think are down right amazing.

All of these can be found on Ravelry, most are free.

Sorting Hat – How amazing looking is this? Definitely on my list to make some day.

sorting hat

But wait, there’s more