GEEK HOME PROJECT: Redecorating My Bedroom

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You may be asking yourself, “Why are you talking about redecorating? This isn’t HGTV!” I’ve decided to catalogue the whole process of redecorating my room because naturally there is a geeky motivation behind it.

I moved home from San Francisco 8 months ago. If you were to go into my bedroom right now, you’d think I just moved in yesterday. Yes, it is that bad and yes, I am that lazy. Before I moved back I already had an idea of what I wanted to do. I was going to do what every geek wants to: turn their living space into the fictional world they love. Specifically for me, I want to make my bedroom look like something out of a Christopher Nolan movie.

Yes, that’s right. I’m Nolanizing my room.

When I moved back in January I was very motivated. I was going to paint stores and buying dozens of samples of paint. I even painted a lot of sections on my wall to test the samples:

Life got in the way though, and for a while I had to put this project on the side. After a few weeks, these random bits of color became a sock on the mantel to me, and I had put this project so far on the back burner that I had almost forgotten about it. One day I woke up and all of these samples of paint practically smacked me in the face and said, “Hey! It’s been 8 months, DO SOMETHING ALREADY!”


Ep. 30 Geek Collab: The Rise of the Planet of the Lady Geeks

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Defective Geek’s Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy collaborate with RyTime Geekcast’s Ryan and Cindy Bennett plus Castle Co-op’s Blake Howard. The group records this megacast of pure geekery and undying love for Kevin Smith and his work. We all met because of SModcast Internet Radio. We also try our hands on playing One-Truth-Three which proved that SPQ and Gizzy sucks at lying.

Check them out at &

TV: ‘Killer Instinct’ a True Crime Series

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CLOO premieres its first original true crime television series, Killer Instinct. Mark Safarik, famous for his expertise on crime behavior and have worked at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit for many years, is the host of the show. I watched the first episode ‘A Killer Among Us’ which will air this Saturday, September 17 at 9/8c. Safarik takes us step by step on how he tracked down the serial killer, Robert Yates. From the start, the show is compelling with quick cuts to real photos of crime scenes and the bodies of the victims– cropped in a way that was suggestive and disturbing even though they do not show the entire body.

Admittedly, I was immediately unsettled at the reality aspect of this show. I’ve had a fascination with serial killers and used to spend a portion of my downtime reading about them. It’s like my fascination for zombies– I just want to read and watch about what I feared the most. Serial killers are downright scary because in most cases they are just “normal” looking individuals who lived in proper neighborhoods and led proper lives. For example, Yates had a cookie-cutter family of his own. It always seemed to be the person everyone trusted in the community and least suspected. It is frightening that evil can camouflage themselves so easily.

(Plus, Dexter is one of my favorite television series too!)

Killer Instcint and its host, Safarik takes reality crime shows to a new level. Warning, the description below gets a little graphic.


GEEK LIFE: My Fandom Friend and Wedding Bells

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Not too long ago, I had a lot of friends who I met online. Maybe roughly about a decade ago it was pretty typical to have more online friends than “real life” friends-who-you-now-only-talk-to-through-Facebook. By online friends I mean people who I strictly met on the internet, mostly on Livejournal or whatnot before I actually met them in person. Honestly, I still have friends on Livejournal who I have never met in person!

You are probably thinking: What? You still have your Livejournal? Or for those who were born in 1998, you’re asking: What the fuck is a Livejournal? Or a Xanga or a Myspace for that matter.

The point is I have met amazing people through Livejournal alone and that is why I still keep my account somewhat active. One of those people is Gin, formerly known as heerosferret and now goes by denkimouse online.

Me, Gin and little Mabo

Japan 2008 - I know, I look like a boy but this is me with Gin and Mabo, the ferret.

I don’t have the best memory but I know I started interacting with Gin online during the early 2000 and we met in person in 2004.


Nerd Observation: ‘Abduction’ Poster

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Regardless as to how you may feel about the upcoming movie Abduction, you cannot deny that the posters for the movie are a little reminiscent of some other movie posters out there.

I will be the first to admit that many movie posters borrow visual styles from others (“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I believe is the phrase for this), but considering that I have had to see the billboard for Abduction everyday on my commute, I feel like I have to get this out of my system before I explode.

POSTER #1: The Abduction Identity

Here we have both men running, looking worried and to the side, with perpendicular lines drawing the eye to the name of the film. They’re in a sense mirror images of each other because the placement of the tagline and the direction the actors are looking. When you put them side to side it looks like they’re running from the same thing, which I think is kind of funny. Run, boys, run!