ART: Day from Marie Lu’s LEGEND + Book Review & Interviews

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Marie Lu and I made a deal awhile ago. Well… after I threatened that I would break into her apartment with a hanger and steal one of her books if she didn’t give me one freely. Therefore, she was forced to give me an ARC (advanced reading copy) of her book, LEGEND. In exchanged, she requested a watercolor painting and I happily obliged!

Click for a bigger view.

On a slight more serious note, when I found out that Marie was a secret, ninja writer and her book is going to be released in November– my mind was pretty much blown. It’s kind of awesome to know someone personally who is a YA author and who is getting published through Penguin Group. Not only that but a movie deal on top of it. Whaaaaaat! Too awesome! Why do I know such amazing people?

The above painting is of Day, the main male protagonist in LEGEND. He also stars in one of her unpublished, past novel (which I also forced her to hand over to me– I’m pretty persuasive, what can I say? ;]) and I found it kind of neat that she brought him back to a new story. In my younger years, I’ve also done a lot of original character recycling in comics, stories and role playing. I can sympathize with a creator’s attachment to their characters.

But back to LEGEND. Read more for an exclusive interview with both Day and the author.


Torchwood: Miracle Day, End of the Road Photos and Videos

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From the press release:

In the original hour-long episode, entitled “End of the Road,”  Jack (John Barrowman) faces a showdown with a man he thought was long since dead, while Rex (Mekhi Phifer) takes extreme action to prevent the collapse of society. Wayne Knight (Seinfeld and Jurassic Park) continues his guest appearances as Brian Friedkin, a powerful Section Chief wielding great power first of three within the CIA. John De Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) also guest star.

 “End of the Road”– episode 8 of Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere on the STARZ Network tomorrow, Friday, August 26 at 10pm ET/PT.

From Torchwood: Miracle Day ep 108 "End Of The Road"All right all you Torchwood Nerds, who is following the new (American) season? What do you think of the show now that it has been transferred from the UK to American soils? Do you think it changed it  for the better or for the worse? I think it’s kind of cool that they have actors like Bill Pullman and Wayne Knight in this little (well, what used to be little) sci-fi series.

See below for more photos and a preview clips for episode 8. Enjoy!


CONTEST: Your Geek Summer

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As promised, we are giving away a few cool items we picked up from San Diego Comic Con last month. You guys ready to win some COOL STUFF?

FIRST PRIZE PACK: A signed copy of Wolves by Becky Cloonan + Misc. Comic Con Swag

SECOND PRIZE PACK: A signed postcard of the Devil Inside by Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick + A copy of The Guild: Tinkerbella comic book issue (not signed) + Misc. Comic Con Swag

For those of you who missed out on all the random, free stuff they were giving away at Comic Con– here is your chance. ;)

We will pick TWO different winners!


1) LIKE our Facebook group:

2) On our facebook wall, write a post and answer this question:

What did you do during your Geek Summer?

Your answer can be real or you can make it up completely or a mix of both— either way, be super creative! Have fun with it. Amuse us. Make us laugh or make us cry… or make us think! And yes, we are only taking entries on Facebook for this giveaway (sorry for non-FBers! We’ll have more giveaways that doesn’t require Facebook). Your answer can be as long as facebook allows you to write on our wall.

3) Leave a comment on this blog entry with your Facebook name and an e-mail where we can contact you when you win. Also, let us know which prize pack you would prefer to win.

4) Make sure you follow steps 1-3 or else your entry will not count.


JUDGES CHOICE: The Space Pirate Queen, Pilbeam, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie will be the judges. We will pick one winner with the most creative answer.

VOTERS CHOICE: Whoever gets the highest amount of LIKES on their answers on our facebook wall will win! Get your friends, family, pets, etc. to come in and LIKE your answer!

CONTEST ENDS: Thursday, August, 25th 2011 at Midnight, Pacific Time.

Good luck, geeks! 

Ep. 27 Our Overlord the Mouse

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The Lady Defectivegeeks only wishes that they can kill more Nazis with their bare hands like their new hero, Nancy Wake (rest in peace). We touch on the Disney and Marvel relationship and Ryan Gosling, defender of all hipsters. The Space Pirate Queen doesn’t like January Jones but we really like Kevin Smith and his new movie, Red State. You should go watch it… or we won’t like you anymore. Fortune Cookie chooses this episode’s Fanfic Theater!

Lady Geek Spotlight: Louanne ‘Scarlett’ Ojeda, Nerd Mom from the House of Gryffindor

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scarlett and I am an honor roll making, JK Rowling worshipping, wand carrying, nerd t-shirt and slacks with Converse wearing, book reading, WoW playing,Wizard Wrock listening, geek blog following, comic book hoarding, fangirl squeeing, Facebook loving, convention attending, antique collecting, bookshelf breaking, recycle bag using, list making, non-stop talking, gummy worm eating, The Guild watching spoiled nerdfighter ex-cheerleader :D haha That last part probably has you a bit confused. So, please, allow me to explain.

Point 1: In junior high and high school, I DID make the Honor Roll. I was in Future Scholars of America and made the Dean’s List my senior year. I started cheerleading pop warner at my aunt and uncle’s request (meaning they paid) and in 10th grade, I cheered for my school. This made it easy for me to have nerd and non-nerd friends alike and integrate them as much as possible and have some people actully thinking I’m cool. Awesome

Point 2: JK Rowling is like a GODDESS to me! Harry Potter has pretty much taken over my entire life. I went to LeakyCon in July, bought a wand, went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and got chosen at Ollivander’s!! I’m a self-proclaimed Gryffindor and when I talk, it usually has some sort of HP reference. Example: I wish I could go visit Ashley today. It sucks that I’m out of Floo Powder!!


The ABC Network Press Tour

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On August 8th-9th I got the honor help out at the Summer ABC Press Tour. As a Page I escorted talent, steamed clothes and led actors to the media panels and interviews. While participating in coffee like errands I got first hand info on all the new ABC shows coming this fall. You should be excited because some of them sound pretty fun.

 My morning started out escorting Christina Ricci to the green room to get ready for the panel. Maybe it was the conversation about shoes or the fact that she is really cool but it got me pumped to watch her star in a new drama series called Pan Am. Directed by Thomas Schlamme from the West Wing, Pan Am is a period piece that takes place in the 1960s centered on one of America’s first airline companies. It portrays the glamorous and dramatic lifestyles of the pilots, flight attendants, and the guests of the plane.

One of the questions asked was if ABC was trying to complete with Mad Men. Schlamme responded that this show was trying to appeal to women as the story centers mainly around the flight attendants. Mad Men takes a very chauvinistic approach and all he is trying to show is that the lifestyle of air travel was a privileged one. There wasn’t much freedom for woman of the 1960s. Flying was a way to escape, to see the world and be in charge of their own lives. Kelli Garner who plays Kate in the show went on to say that many people don’t realize what pressure there was to be a flight attendant during the 1960s; not only did you have to be beautiful, but also well educated. Garner made a comment about how her past experience as a stewardess helped her with the reality of the role. Ricci added to Garner’s response by stating that in her own performance she tries to remember that flying is new and exciting and she shares that experience with the actors that play the guests on the show. Pan Am is scheduled to air September 25th 10/9c on ABC, so keep a look out.