Great Halloween Movies: ‘Dog Soldiers’

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Picture it: A group of soldiers are on a routine military exercise in the wilderness of Scotland. Everything is fine and dandy, until they find a rival group completely slaughtered with only one survivor babbling total nonsense. They soon discover that what committed this gruesome act was not man, but a deadlier foe who is already on their trail.

This foe is a pack of large, deadly, and very hungry werewolves.

Dog Soldiers was written and directed by Neil Marshall, the man responsible for the utter creepfest The Descent and the fun post-apocalyptic movie Doomsday (that movie kicked ass). What makes Dog Soldiers great is that it’s not a standard “werewolf movie”. It’s more like a war/male comradery movie… with werewolves. It’s about soldiers fighting a deadly foe, the main character Cooper overcoming his own issues, and the bad guys getting their just desserts… with werewolves. There are the standard set-ups and payoffs that exist within the genre, but since the movie never takes itself too seriously they totally work. Marshall makes this story a damn good time and a lot of fun for anybody who is a fan of werewolves.


Gearing Up for Geek Girl Con

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On Friday, I will be getting in a plane and making my way towards Seattle for a weekend of awesome ladies (and gentlemen) nerding out at Geek Girl Con. Despite the name, this convention is not a Girls Only Club– ALL are welcome to come and participate. The main purpose of the convention is to spread awareness on how much women have contributed to the “geek” community whether through science or science fiction or comic books, etc.. I found out about this convention from Tammy Cruz, one of the convention’s graphic designer, via twitter and I pretty much debated for a whole year whether or not I should go.

Until I realized there wasn’t much to debate and that it’s not about if I should go… I needed to go!

I will be at the convention to represent Defective Geeks and will be hanging out and helping out at Shing Khor’s Sawdust Bear table.

Below are the list of panels I am interested in.


Halloween Craft – chapstick cozy

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This month I’m going to be showing you what I’m crocheting and sewing for Halloween as well as some patterns I won’t have time to get to, but I think are totally awesome.

To kick-start this craft-extravaganza, I’m going to show you a chapstick cozy I made from Girl On The Rocks. I found the pattern via Ravelry.

A cozy, if you don’t know, is what you generally wrap an inanimate object in to keep warm. Most common in the UK are tea cozies which keep tea pots warmer for longer.

I don’t entirely know why you need to keep your chapstick warm, but who cares? It looks like a chopped off finger!



Book Review: Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside by Frank Lesser

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Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside is a new and very charming book written by Emmy Award-winning author Frank Lesser and illustrated by Willie Real. The book consists of a series of vignettes about monsters and their human problems.

And when I say “human problems”, I mean the very problems that you and I mortal humans face every single day. Like maintaining one’s figure  (you wouldn’t believe how many calories are in a single serving of orphan), questioning one’s existence after 20-year nap. or capturing the heart of that genie of your dreams. Everyone can relate, right? Of course they can. We’re all human. Mostly.


Great Halloween Movies: ‘Waxwork’

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Halloween is my favorite holiday out of the year. The way most children feel about the holidays is the way I’ve always felt about Halloween. One of the many things I have loved about this holiday is that for the whole month of October different channels would have horror movie marathons. AMC had “Monster Fest”, Turner Classic Movies showed the classics of the horror genre, and as a child this is how I was introduced to many of my favorite movies today. These horror marathons truly impacted and influenced my love for movies.

I thought that until Halloween, as a sort of countdown, I could post blogs about some of my favorite horror movies. I know it’s not quite October yet, but as far as I’m concerned it’s never too early to start talking about Halloween.

The first movie out of this “Halloween Movie” series is Waxwork.

 Waxwork is about a group of friends who go to a private midnight showing of the new wax museum in their town. The minute they step inside they can tell there is something… different about this place. The wax figures are eerily lifelike. Each different tableau in the wax museum depicts a scene from famous horror movies. The Wolfman, Dracula, The Mummy, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and even includes an exhibit of the infamous Marquis De Sade. There’s a catch, though. Do not cross the red rope. If you do, you’re no longer in a wax museum. You’re in the world of the tableau where anything can happen, especially death.

One by one the different characters walk into these scenes and become part of their own horror story. Later we discover that ever since this wax museum has come to town, people have gone missing...

For me, what makes Waxwork great is that it’s an homage to the classic horror movies with just enough 80s horror thrown in. If you’re a fan of classic horror then you will definitely love Waxwork because it contains the eerie atmosphere and gothic vibe that made older horror movies get under your skin. Yet, it also has just enough cheese, such as bad wigs and mustaches and over the top characters, to make it fun and perfect for a Friday night.


Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland

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Have you ever wondered when your prince will come?

You ponder each new romance, guy after guy, only to find one or two qualities that make you happy. Has Disney been telling you that a “knight in shining armor” will appear to replace that beastly boyfriend and then make everything in life okay? In her new play, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland”, writer/director Erika Jenko explores these ideologies that culminate with the realization of love eternal existing in life all around and in all forms.