Ep. 228 Legends Podcast Crossover, the Sequel

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Legends Podcast (formerly known Comic Books Legend) actually agreed to do another crossover podcast with us — suckaaahs!… So we bring you, THE SEQUEL. We talk current news, Wing’s French-y-ness and why the Lady Geeks fail at watching television. Theatre Fanfic: Arrow.

Live Action Zelda Teaser by The Zelda Project

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HEY, LISTEN! Get ready for a one way ticket to Hyrule on the feels train, because 2 years in the making, The Zelda Project has just released their Live Action Zelda trailer!


Created by the team at The Zelda Project, this teaser was directed by Clinton Jones, with music by Wayne Strange of ZREO, and costumes by Sarah Quillian.

Check out the hunky Wes Johnson starring as Link, with Whitney Moore as the beautifully rendered Navi.

This teaser serves as a prequel to the live action Zelda “Final Battle” movie being produced this year, which will be directed by Tom Grey with music composed by Sonya Belousova, (both of the group Player Piano), based on the final battle between Link and Ganondorf depicted in Ocarina of Time. Some screen capped goodness below:

tzp1 tpz2 tpz3

Sarah Quillian says, “..[T]his trailer was created with love and many weekends of free work from all over the world…. TZP has begun production on The Final Battle Film. Visit www.thezeldaproject.net for more info on the project, and subscribe to the YouTube channel “www.youtube.com/playerpiano” and “www.youtube.com/zeldaproject” for more videos!”

We’ll be rooting for the TZP team! GIVE US MORE MAGICAL HYRULE FEELS, PLEASE.


Ep. 227 Canon Bicurious

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The Lady Geeks start a new segment to celebrate the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. Don’t judge us. Also, this episode is full of lies. Fanfic Theatre: Lord of the Rings.

One Last Time, The One Last Party

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One Last Party 2015

“All’s well that ends better.”

TheOneRing.net hosted the last Oscar party for fans of the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies this past weekend at the American Legion in Hollywood.  Traditionally, the fan parties took place during Oscar night so we can all gather and watch the award show together. This year, the party took place the night before the show on Saturday and I think it is because The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies didn’t get nominated for any categories this year. Boo-urns, Academy Awards!

Either way, it didn’t stop the fans from gathering to appreciate our fandom for one night together in fancy dresses and dwarf gear.


Ep. 226 Jimmy Olsen’s Abs

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In this episode, the Lady Geeks talk more about Kingsman (let’s appreciate British men in suit) and gave Jimmy Olsen his new origin story (let’s appreciate the casting choice in Supergirl). Fanfic Theatre: The Hobbit.

Geek Galentines Part 2: Dealing with Friend Drama and Cliquey Geek Behavior

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This is the second part of a two video discussion between Chubby Bunny, myself, and our friend Mandie (GeekyGlamorous.com).

Miss the first part? Watch part 1 here:

So how about it? Do you have any other advice on how to make Geek Gal Pals?
Let us know!

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