Ep. 211 Fangirl Juice

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Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen sit down after Comikaze Expo 2014 and have a little con talk, parking woes, hyperventilating over Kevin Conroy which of course, falls into a Batman-loving discussion.

Great Halloween Movies: ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’

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600full-elvira,-mistress-of-the-dark-coverAh yes, it’s time for another round of Defective Geek’s Great Halloween Movies! This time I’m going to gush about the ever so entertaining and delightful Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Just as much as I enjoy scary supernatural thrillers that often cause me to sleep with the lights on and send midnight texts to very irritated friends (you guys know you still love me), I also enjoy supernatural flicks that are simply fun. Elvira is most certainly one of the fun ones.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark stars, well, Elvira! Now, you young people out there may not know who Elvira is. I think my generation was the last one to grow up watching her on TV hosting some of the most deliciously awful scary films out there. That’s who she was, my young readers. She was a hilarious TV personality who had my dream job: to watch and make fun of terrible films. She got so popular that she got to be in a movie about the crazy shenanigans that happen to her.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is about Elvira getting tired of her TV gig and wanting to move onto bigger and better things… which is a show in Vegas. In order to fund her Vegas show she needs to sell her mysterious late Aunt Morgana’s house which winds up getting her into loads of trouble with the prudish townsfolk. Her evil Uncle Talbot plots against her because it turns out Elvira is descended from powerful witches and it is up to her to save the world from her evil uncle! Eeek! (more…)

Kevin Conroy, The Batman is Coming to Comikaze Expo

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is right around the corner — as in, it’s this weekend (ahh!) and we are once again, really looking forward to it. This year, the holy grail is finally arriving at the convention. His name is Kevin Conroy and we’re going to stalk the heck out of the guy (apologies in advance?). If you have ever read this blog or listened to our podcast, you are aware of mine and Gizzy B’s love for Batman: The Animated Series. No other actor has played Batman longer than Kevin Conroy and although Batman’s face changes in animation, the voice will always be the same for me. To this day, I get really excited when I hear his voice playing Batman in either a new animated movie or the video games.


Ep. 209 Aabria Lipscomb

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Our guest this week is Aabria Lipscomb — personal trainer by early morning, stand-up comedian in the dark night of Los Angeles. Most importantly, she is also a big effin’ Lady Geek. Listen to our conversation about being a nerd during everyday, muggle living.