Sandra Bullock Lesson #11

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Love Potion #9 this week!
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Let’s talk about sex-ism, baby!

This is a weird film. Paul Matthews (Tate Donovan) is a biochemist who visits a fortune teller that gives him love potion #8 (not a typo). He and his science partner Diane Farrow (Sandra Bullock) analyse it and realise that it affects the vocal chords and makes the drinker’s voice pleasurably vibrate the ear hairs of the listener so that they fall in love. SCIENCE. The experiment gets out of hand, hearts are broken, a prostitute enslaves men with her voice, shit gets crazy.

1. Don’t mess with love
2. Nerd women need make-overs
3. False love tastes like mule sweat


SDCC 2014: Power Rangers Super Megaforce

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We were invited again to visit the Power Rangers media suite this year at the San Diego Comic-Con — a haven for fans during the midst of convention madness. The room was once again full of amazing toys (that we wished we had when we were growing up… let’s be honest), including the limited edition Green Ranger Legacy Dragon Dagger. The new Nintendo 3DS game was also featured which we got to play around with for a few minutes. The game will be available later this year in October. There are so many cool things in this year’s suite, and I kind of wished I could own one of the Power Rangers backpacks that were on display.

Check out all our photos below but don’t forget to watch the video above to see our interview with the current cast of Power Rangers Super Megaforce!

Power Rangers Media Suite


Ep. 194 Wormy Cats

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The Lady Geeks sit down to talk more about post-Comic-con thoughts, upcoming and current television shows (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D spoilers, by the way) and also, cat health problems because the conversation just tends to devolve into that direction especially during hot summer nights.

INTERVIEW: Mark O’Brien of ‘Republic of Doyle’

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image005It’s hard to not enjoy an interview when you get to nerd out over both The Maltese Falcon and The Mighty Ducks with the person you’re interviewing. This time around I got to chat with actor, writer, and director Mark O’Brien who will be appearing in the sixth and final season of Republic of Doyle and the short film Dennis. In this interview Mark talks about what inspired him to become an actor, what it’s like going from acting to directing, what his dream role is, and what superpower he would choose. For the record, he was a lot of fun to chat with and has pretty much earned my eternal loyalty because he ended our phone interview with, “Go, Ducks, Go!” You read that right, my friends.

Check out the interview to learn more about this hilarious and multi-talented guy!

What inspired you to become an actor?

I have always loved movies so much, particularly when I was twelve or thirteen and I was able to recognize a good performance. I didn’t just see it as entertainment, I could finally see the craft behind it. To tell you the truth it was Edward Norton in Primal Fear which he was so good in that it was the first time that I noticed in a performance in a movie. I watched what he was doing and thought, “Oh my god, that is so cool.” I think it was somewhere around there that I started making films with my buddies and started to appreciate it a bit more and it just went from there.

I agree with you, Primal Fear and Edward Norton’s performance in it is amazing.

Oh my god, yes. It literally changed my life. Fight Club and a lot of his stuff had a big effect on me.