Ep. 214 Hollow Ship Returns

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The cast of Hollow Ship returns on the Defective Geeks podcast, this time with creators and actors, Curtis Fortier, Helen McElwain and Steve Shaw. We delve into finalizing episode 00 and what it’s like to wrap up a Kickstarter project… all while we took over The Comic Bug in Culver City and drank wine!

Ep. 213 Hot Men Vs. Food

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The Lady Geeks play a game of “Would You Rather”… category is hot men vs. food. You’d be surprise (or maybe not) by the results. Fanfic Theatre: MY IMMORTAL SEQUEL OMG!

Legends of the Knight, Not Your Typical Superhero Flick

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How do we triumph over travesty?

On the Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith recites a prayer — “Our Batman, who art in Gotham…” To many fans, Batman has become almost a deity — a symbol of strength, a role model and a representation of what is good. Legend of the Knight features people, who are not just fans but also embody what Batman means to them.


Jane Austen Bath Festival 2014

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For years I have wanted to go to the Jane Austen Bath Festival, and this year I finally got my wish. I coerced three of my friends to go with me and we had a fantastic time.


There were amazing costumes all weekend. It was super cool seeing them all wandering through town.