Ep. 199 Veranthea Codex

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Mike Myler, game designer and writer, returns to our podcast to talk about his project, Veranthea Codex. This is a Pathfinder compatible campaign setting full of adventures, awesome original characters and player options and a world that has been brewing inside Mike’s brain for years and years. Listen now and don’t forget to visit the website and check out their Kickstarter campaign.

INTERVIEW: ‘Wet Bum’ Star Craig Arnold On Dynamic Role, Collaboration, The Blues and Aquaman

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Craig ArnoldWe recently got a chance to talk to actor Craig Arnold, one of the leads in Lindsay Mackay’s upcoming film Wet Bum before it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Fest. In this interview Craig tells us a little bit about this coming of age picture, his take on his character Lukas, what drew him to this role, and he even shows us a little bit of his geeky side with what genre films he’d like to do in the future.

Check out this interview to learn more about the film Wet Bum and this up and coming talent!

Your next film Wet Bum is opening at TIFF, can you tell us a little bit about its story and the ideas it is aiming to share?

Its coming of age story about a fourteen year old girl named Sam who has to worry about the darker realities of life through a relationship with her swimming instructor and with a man who lives at the retirement home she volunteers at. Its about the adolescent experience and growing up but also deeper things like love, loss, death.

What drew you to the script and the decision to tackle your particular role?

Well the script actually it wasn’t like a totally linear story like the good guys against the bad guys, it was really more exploratory with characters. There are these three characters, Sam who is the fourteen year old girl played by Julia Sarah Stone, Ed played by Kenneth Welsh and Lukas played by myself-the swimming instructor and its all kinda weaved. They all have their own problems, they’re all dealing with different issues at this point in their lives. Sam was dealing with growing up and not developing as quickly as she’d like, Andrew’s dealing with the death of his wife and how to move on from that. The script made me think and you can linger over it and it doesn’t all necessarily hit you at once. So I liked it in that way, it was more exploring some nice themes instead of being a spectacle.


Ep. 198 Hemlock Blondes

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Apparently, we have face mites pooping in our faces 24 hours a day, guys. The Lady Geeks talk about Hemlock Grove, rockets going to Mars, and the ongoing hate and online violence directed towards gamer and nerd girls. Do you know what you can do to make a step towards real change?

Ep. 197 Pig Zombies

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In this episode, Fortune Cookie refuses to believe that a zombie apocalypse is inevitable and therefore, will be volunteered as zombie bait so the rest of us can run away. We discuss SDCC getting rid of the 4-day badge, gamer girls and then the return of SPIDER NEWS! Fanfic Theatre: Fast and Furious x Twilight.

INTERVIEW: Lillian Diaz-Przybyl of Sparkler Magazine

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sparklermag-issue04Lillian Diaz-Przybyl is one of the co-founders of Sparkler Magazine, which is a project that I am currently pretty excited about. They have an amazing collection of talents, graphic novels, written fiction and audio dramas under their belt — and all of it need a lot of more love from more readers. Check out our interview with Lillian below and she will tell you all about Sparkler, the work behind it and what’s in store in the future for this unique online publication.

Tell us about Sparkler Magazine’s superhero origin story. Who are the creators? Where did the idea come from and how did it become a reality?

So basically in the mid-90s, all of us got hit by the Anime Bug, and were turned into rabid otaku—I mean. Uh. Actually, that’s kind of what happened… Three out of the four of us founders were Sailor Moon junkies in one way or the other, and after I graduated with a double-degree in nerdery (read: Japanese & English, with a side of running my college’s anime society) I wound up working at TOKYOPOP for several years, where I got to know Lianne as a freelancer (actually, she applied for the same staff job I did—no hard feelings!) and a friend. Lianne and Becca have been friends since middle school, a time during which Lianne describes herself as the local anime pusher, and Jill’s a proud otome gamer and has a real job in the finance industry. We’re lucky to have found her!


Costume Designers Guild at SDCC 2014

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Yes folks, the San Diego Comic Con posts are still forthcoming!

We just HAD to write about one of the best afternoon events we were privileged to attend at SDCC: The CDG (Costume Designers Guild) Mixer! On Friday, July 25th, the CDG local 892 rolled out the red carpet to their members and panelists to celebrate all things costuming at the Marriot Marquis.  The Costume Designers Guild (I.A.T.S.E. Local 892) is the labor union representing costume designers, assistant costume designers and illustrators in film and television.

For those not in the know, this year marked the CDG’s ninth consecutive year participating at SDCC, by offering a slew of panels on costuming and the industry, as well as sponsoring their very own Masquerade prizes and trophy!. This year’s winners were “Giant Monsters All Out Attack,” by Lisa Truong, Lynleigh Sato, Wendy Colon, and Cindy Purchase.

The CDG mixer venue was gorgeous, with our own view of the bay and plenty of food to nosh on!

Another wonderful part of this mixer was the copious amounts of costumes on display on models from various movies! We tried very hard not to feel every costume and freak out their wearers, haha. Alright, enough chit chat. On to the photos!


Beautiful gowns as far as the eye can see!