Met Thor at Disneyland, Can Die Now

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You Disney and Marvel enthusiasts out there probably know that there is now an Asgard section in the Innovations building in Disneyland. For those of you who don’t know, you’re welcome.

Thor: Treasures of Asgard

For the past few months I have been trying to find the time to make it over to the Magic Kingdom so that I could harass Thor experience this exhibit myself.

I didn’t know what to expect. When I approached the “Treasures of Asgard” exhibit all I found was a line of excited people, but I had no idea where the line went. While in line I did get to gaze upon some fun Asgardian artifacts.


CONTEST: Fandango’s Award Watch Giveaway

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Award season is here and we are giving away $25 movie gift card courtesy of Fandango! You know us Lady Geeks don’t take our movies lightly and we want to know who you are rooting for to win during the Academy Awards. See below how you can win at the same time!


Ep. 164 ManRats

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The Lady Geeks discuss Hollywood’s attempt at “whitewashing” Akira, Bill Finger’s uncredited work on Batman and a shipwreck unleashed by Canada full of cannibal rats. Fandom Word of the Day: Tokubetsu na kibun.

Ep. 163 Progress the Series

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We spoke with the cast and crew of Progress the Series: Paul Lada (VFX/editor), David King (production designer), Paul Madariaga (assistant director/associate producer), Armando Saldanamora (writer/co-producer), Derek Houck (actor: Adam Rhett), Kai Cofer (actor: Alben Scot),Rebecca Lynch (actress: Lila DeClide), Keith Stacey (composer) and Nicole Wright (producer). Progress is a  steampunk themed series set in the Victorian Era where a hacker finds himself involved in a mystery involving the killer, Jack the Ripper. Listen to how the series the made and what’s in store for the future of Progress!

Watch our LIVE Show Next Monday, February 17th!

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We are doing a second LIVE Google Hangout show next Monday, February 17th at 8pm PST/11pm PST. We will be sharing items that we’ve collected based on our fandom loves and what they mean to us in our lil’ fangirl hearts!

Make sure to watch our Twitter feed @defectivegeeks or bookmark the live feed event page on Google+!

Watch last week’s episode below.