Holy Awesomeness, Batman! Kevin Smith and Adam West at Comikaze Expo 2012

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If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith then you probably know about his podcast Fat Man on Batman, a show where he discusses all things Batman.  This year he did a special live episode at Comikaze with none other than legend Adam West, the original and most iconic Batman. The Space Pirate Queen and I were lucky enough to attend and witness the glory of these two men on stage together.

Fatman on Batman @ Comikaze Expo 2012

The show started with Smith talking about his first exposure to the character Batman. The 1960’s show was on television and he watched it everyday. Smith was only four years old when he was introduced to this character and because of it Batman became his first hero. Smith’s moral code that he developed started with Adam West’s Batman. He went on to say that he had not met West until a few minutes before the live podcast and that he was beyond excited.


GEEK SHOPPING: My Rarity Hoodie

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When WeLoveFine.com launched their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hoodies, I was in the midst of having my eyes glued on the screen watching one of my new favorite cartoons on Netflix. Although my friends have said I am more like Twilight (I agree), my favorite Pony is Rarity!

I needed the Rarity hoodie in my life. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago but I just got around to taking photos of wearing it.


Comikaze Expo 2012: Unicornatopia

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They bring the magic of unicorns to everyone! Watch our interview with the girls of Unicornatopia during Comikaze Expo. Make sure to check out their website at www.unicornatopia.com. Click here to watch the video directly on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe!

Comikaze Expo 2012: Sharkchild

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Watch out interview with creator and author, Sharkchild at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012.
Learn about his books, The Dark Verse and his toyline, Gravescabs.
Visit his website at www.sharkchild.com.

Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

Ep. 76 Hashtag Drunk Valerie

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The Lady Geeks moves with the future and experiments with Google Hangout on this episode. Drunk Valerie joins the show, laughing at all our feelings as we discuss which movies (or books or television shows…) that has brought tears to our delicate, lady features. Fanfic Theater: Star Wars x Transformers.