Ep. 71 Not A Las Vegas Podcast

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The epic podcast on the ride to Las Vegas was lost due to a technological snafu on the Space Pirate Queen’s part. As punishment, her crew had abandoned her and she is left to record an emergency podcast all by herself. Enjoy as SPQ talked to herself for almost an hour in this very special episode.

SUPER*MARKET on August 25th at Meltdown Comics!

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We are returning to SUPER*MARKET with another LIVE podcast show! The event will be held again at Meltdown Comics on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 from 2pm to 6pm. Join us for another live nerd discussion, an epic debate (Unicorns vs. Mermaids) and Fanfic Theater. Participants will receive prizes!

Join us and our friends during an afternoon of fun and shopping!

For more information, visit BubblePunch.com or go directly to the Facebook event page.

Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics
7522 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

CONTEST: ParaNorman Giveaway!

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We are giving away a ParaNorman prize package to ONE lucky winner!

Are you a fun of stop-motion animation like we are? ParaNorman is a new comedy thriller stop-motion animation film by LAIKA and Focus Features, the same companies behind Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. Win this prize package and have everything you need to investigate the undead just like Norman, a young boy who has the ability to talk to ghosts and the paranormal. Break the curse and save the town!

Want to know how to win? Read more below!


Jessica Biel Returns to Scary Movies in “The Tall Man”

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It’s been almost ten years since Jessica Biel last delved into the horror genre in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ­remake and now she returns in Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man. Biel plays Julia, a nurse who lives in an isolated town where children suddenly start being abducted by the ‘Tall Man’.

An entity whose legend exists in many cultures around the world, The Tall Man is always described by his height and featureless face and is known to take anyone he appears to, particularly children. While the fantastic cult hit Youtube series Marble Hornets’ explores the concept that The Slender Man (As he is also referred to) can take anyone, this feature focuses more on the original myths.

And who better to bring out the relevance of this legendary fable than Pascal Laugier?


Ep. 70 Blessed Boobs

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In which the Lady Geeks explain that cosplayers are not necessarily strippers. Sometimes they can be but 99% of the time, you probably shouldn’t ask a cosplayer to be a stripper. Not going to go over well. The ladies also discuss their dream cosplays, World Cosplay Summit, hentai and real life WALL-E.