Ep. 80 The Golden Retriever Dinosaur Rises

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The Lady Geeks discuss haunted houses and mazes in Los Angeles and the struggle of English people to understand the concept of Halloween, with Pilbeam explaining her ongoing quest in forcing her friends to celebrate properly. We also come up with the story concept for Jurassic Park 4 with Jeff Goldblum and his heartwarming dinosaur buddy.

Book Review: Supernatural Rights of Passage

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There is a grand irony in this world. The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B are the obsessed Supernatural fans. I am not. Now, don’t get me wrong! I thought it was ok, and yes, they are hot. But, I don’t know, I didn’t make it past season 2.

So when I, of all people, got offered a chance to review the book Rite of Passage, I had a good old giggle at SPQ.

It takes place during Season 7, so I’m a little bit out of step with what the heck is going on, therefore I’m putting in a SPOILERS warning here, because I have NO idea what is or isn’t common knowledge the fans. You have been warned.


GEEK LIFE: Buying Boxes and Organizing

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I’m no longer much of a “collector” — sure there are still merchandise I would impulsively buy just because my deep, deep obsessive core would tell me that I need those things to live. Practical (and money) reasons has forced me to tame my geek-hoarder tendencies down, narrowing my collection down to my personal fangirl necessities.

The other night, I found myself buying clearance storage boxes from Target and buckling down to sort through my comic book collection. I like boxes much more than bookshelves most of the time. It’s the best way to keep dust from collecting on the books, first of all.

When was the last time you sorted through your collection?


Ep. 79 Butt Spiders and Slender Man

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The first of our Halloween series this month, the Lady Geeks share urban legends old and new, from spiders and ghosts in toilets, Japanese myths and Slender Man. If you get creeped out easily, probably best to avoid this episode.

Great Halloween Movies: ‘House of Usher’

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It’s that time of year again, kids. Welcome to the Defective Geek’s Second Annual “Great Halloween Movies” serial. I, your blogging host, will be sharing some of my favorite flicks to watch during the lovely month of October. I may not have Elvira’s amazing… attributes, but I’m sincere. That’s got to count for something, right? Hello?

I want to start off this year’s set with one of the greatest horror films out there, House of Usher.

House of Usher is based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe, a man who in my opinion set the bar for the horror genre. The movie is about Philip Winthrop (Mark Damon), a young man who has traveled to the grand yet desolate mansion to propose to his love, the beautiful Madeline Usher (Myrna Fahey). The only problem is her possessive older brother, Roderick Usher, and the curse he claims has afflicted the Usher family for generations.


A Geeky Wedding Tutorial by Stephanie Pacheco

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I’ve learned a lot of things within the last nine months about the ups and downs of planning a wedding, and trying to make it unique to you. Nowadays it’s a lot easier, and more common place to hear about newlyweds creating their own geeky wedding. Which is great! However, there are also a lot of unforeseen complications with friends and family reacting to your…personal style. These are just a few tips, and personal observations, from a geeky lady who never thought she would have to plan a wedding.


For the record, my fiance and I love both of our families. Second, we are poor as sh*%, and don’t really have funds to help pay for a wedding. Third, our families have been amazingly supportive and offered to help create the wedding our dreams. They just didn’t know it would involve no real flowers, DIY decorations, dyed hair, tattoos, and non-uniformed wedding decorations. No pastels?! Gasp! When the parents heard our wedding colors were red and black they looked like someone stole their favorite toy. His mother is still trying to convince me that real flowers for the bride are just appropriate. Did I mention we’re making paper roses out of several different types of paper products?  Including my bouquet? Amazing, right? Not to the Mom’s. In the beginning my fiance and I came up with a few creative ideas for our wedding like a Steam Punk theme or a cute video game themed wedding cake. Who doesn’t want a Super Mario wedding cake?! Not to the Mom’s. Which brings me to my number one rule…